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Pulse of Life.. Current of Future
Pulse of Life.. Current of Future


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How to remove all hyperlinks in excel in a single step
Option A Select the Hyper-linked cells before you run following macro Sub Macro()     Selection.Hyperlinks.Delete End Sub If you don't know where to paste above macro.                    a)Press Alt+F11 to open VB editor               b)Press Alt+I+M to ope...

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Function to check text in excel cells
=T() What Does It Do ? This function examines an entry to determine whether it is text or not. If the value is text, then the text is the result of the function If the value is not text, the result is a blank. The function is not specifically needed by Exce...

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Windows shortcut to open programs/settings via Run Command utility
Here is a List of commands that you can run off from the Run Command prompt in Windows 7: Windows logo key + R Administrative Tools Administrative Tools = control admintools Authorization Manager = azman.msc Component Services = dcomcnfg Certificate Manager...

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EDATE - Calculate a date which is a specific number of months in the past or in the future
EDATE-Calculate a date which is a specific number of months in the past or in the future What Does It Do? This function is used to calculate a date which is a specific number of months in the past or in the future. Syntax =EDATE(StartDate,Months) Formatting...

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How to use ISBLANK function in MS EXCEL?
ISBLANK What Does It Do? This function will determine if there is an entry in a particular cell. It can be used when a  spreadsheet has blank cells which may cause errors, but which will be filled later as the data is received by the user. Usually the funct...

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How can we find the position of letter in Excel ?
FINDF FIND:- What Does It Do? This function looks for a specified letter inside another piece of text. When the letter is found the position is shown as a number. If the text contains more than one reference to the letter, the first occurrence is used. An a...

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Count the Cells in Excel which are not blank
Count The Number Of Cells With Text In Excel If you need to count a text in Microsoft Excel, what we do? We know =count ( ) formula  to count the number of cells with Contain number. But count the cells with Contain TEXT?  = COUNTA ( )     What Does It Do? ...

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Using Left Function for a variable lenght of string to trim
Here, we will see how we can get dynamic output with a simple function. For example, assume that you have an Excel sheet having some 2000 web domain names ending with forward slash "\"  How will you remove that forward slash "\" from the list? Using LEFT co...

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Check BIOS Version Information In Windows 10
BIOS stands for Basic Input and Output System. One of the most important
thing for every computer. Without installing it, you can't run your
computer. Basically, it manages all the hardware connections between of
your computer like Motherboard, Processor...

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How to use Android Apps On Windows 10
Android emulators are used to view and allow you to use android apps
over windows. So, now you  can play any android game or use Instagram,
snap chat and other social apps for android. There are a number of Emulators available for this purpose online Blue...
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