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Going Beyond The Drake Equation
Taking the Drake Equation forward or modifying it, researchers have attempted to find out — estimate — the total number of intelligent civilizations that have ever existed in the visible universe since the Big Bang. In their words; Abstract: In this paper w...

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Curiosity's Three Years on Mars!
All that needs to be said: The best that humans can be! And the mandatory: it's been three years already since that day in August!?

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The Search For ET Gets A Boost From Yuri Milner
This is fantastic news after all. The work that began with pioneers like Frank Drake now proceeds forward. ht...

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Astonishing Antarctica
That's all. The photos are breathtaking and the landscape is alien. Other-worldly!

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Enola Gay Returns to Base After Hiroshima Bombing
You can see a color video .

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Restless Baby
From the Rolling Stone article about birth tourism. Wonder how many such cases of birth tourism are happening from India. I remember reading about people (from India) going to the U.S. to give birth in the India Today during the pre-internet days. Must be m...

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On The Fermi Paradox
This may be familiar territory for some; but still a detailed article on the Fermi Paradox is always interesting.

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Best Magazine and Newspaper Writing of 2013
Clearly, there is just too much of the stuff. This is a meta-collection of articles that are themselves collections of good articles. Starting with this collection of the Best Business Journalism of 2013 compiled by The New Yorker . The most popular Quartz ...

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Epilepsy And Its Treatments Including Medical Marijuana
Fascinating tales about childhood epilepsy and what people do (and doctors recommend) when drugs and therapies don't work. One solution is keto diet which consists of food that is full of fat and no carbs. One would think this would damage the kids but stra...
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