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Hi all you google fellas.

Is it possible to combine photos of multiple users to one google story?
I've just been to spain for vacation with +Alin Lutsch and +Torsten Heimbrock, and I would love to be able to create a combined story of all our photos. We have a shared album anyway, so this shouldn't be too hard. However, I couldn't find an option to do so.
Any pointers highly appreciated.

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Vorsicht vor phishing bei eBay Kleinanzeigen.
Wenn ihr eure Telefonnummer angegeben habt und eine SMS bekommt, die euch zum aktualisieren eurer Kontaktdaten auffordert, genau die Domain prüfen. Es ist wahrscheinlich nicht eBay.

So sieht das aus:
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Rsnapshot module for puppet. Will turn your server into a full fledged backup solution using rsnapshot. 
As always, comments, reviews and pull requests welcome.

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If you want to manage your bloonix agents with puppet, you might like this module. It comes with optional autoregistration, which is very useful for automated deployments. Enjoy it, criticize it, love it, hate it, but please tell me what you think about it, I'm rather new to puppet.

#bloonix +Bloonix

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Hello everybody.

I wrote a little script you can use to httpcheck your galera cluster from haproxy. It will only pass queries to servers marked as synced. It will also return a meaningful error header, so it integrates into various monitoring solutions (such as +Bloonix )
Reviews highly appreciated, but I'm new to node.js, so please be kind :)


#nodejs   #haproxy   #galera   #mariadb  

Hallo #lazyweb  

hat noch jemand einen #oneplusone  invite rumliegen? Meine sind leider alle expired, und +Alin Lutsch hätte gerne eins, nachdem das Nexus 4 endgültig übern Jordan ist.

Vielen Dank.

Dear android users

did anybody happen to find out where the setting in lolipops dialer is hiding, allowing me to only show contacts with a telephone number?

Thank you.

#lolipop   #dialerapp   #androidlollipop  

Dear #lazyweb ,

does anybody happen to have an invite for google inbox for me?
loomsen at.

Thank you very much for supporting my laziness.

Dear #lazyweb  

I'm looking for a standalone, open source image gallery, to be hosted on a webserver. It would be nice if it could display panorama photos properly, too.
I don't want to import stuff from $website, nor do I want to integrate with any social platform. I just want to throw a couple of pics into a directory, and have the app generating thumbnails and doing all of the gallery stuff.

Thank you very much.

Dear #lazyweb ,

is there any way to make +Google Chrome open a new tab next to the current tab by default?

Thank you.
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