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Parenting For Peace
Helping thoughtful people become conscious parents.
Helping thoughtful people become conscious parents.


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Here are some advised parenting resources, curated by Marcy Axness author of Parenting For Peace. Just a little something to get you started off as we put the finishing touches on our Google+ page.

If you find it useful please share it around!
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The latest science in human development indicates that mothers (and
other caregivers) literally download a template for brain development
to babies through face to face engagement. Replacing face time with
screen time (or too large a rotation of caregivers) impairs a baby's
psychosocial development.
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Here we go!
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"If we distract a child away from possible boredom (the dirtiest word
in our parenting culture) by plugging her into video entertainment [in
the car], we deprive her of a regularly occurring, ideal opportunity
to practice the important developmental task of learning to soothe
and regulate her own fluctuating internal states of attention, interest,
distress, etc. This could not be more essential to her growing Gen
Peace capacities!"

-Parenting For Peace, p.187
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