Time for more Share and Re-Sharing... It's time for a letter writing campaign. Read the rest of this post for instructions and where to send the letters.

An old acquaintance of mine, and former Google employee , who has gone by the name Skud in real life since the 90s, has had their account suspended. This is despite this name apparently fitting Google's "Name people call you in day to day life" policy. And considering how well networked Skud is, this is a very very dumb PR move. Who next, +Xeni Jardin, +Wil Wheaton?

Everyone, I want you to write a short letter to the Board of Google (http://www.google.co.uk/corporate/execs.html), telling them what you think of their actions over "Real ID" and requiring people to show their government ID, and generally being asses about it. You don't have to send one to all of them, just address it to the board, and perhaps send one direct to Larry Page or one of the individual board members. Of course, I do recommend being polite in your letters. Appropriate addresses to send your letters are here - http://www.google.co.uk/corporate/address.html - and remember to mark your envelope 'Confidential' at the top left to ensure it won't be read and discarded by the receptionist but will at least get to a PA.

Google+'s support staff and engineers are lying about their name policy, applying it incorrectly and accepting malicious 'reports' against people. Google are doing direct harm to people. Google don't care. Google are evil.

( I'd also sugest contemplation on this article - http://www.fb-news.co.uk/secrets-out-googles-sergey-brin-has-facebook-profile/ )
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