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Jay Blanc
Writer who writes while writing. Preferred Personal Pronoun: They/Their.
Writer who writes while writing. Preferred Personal Pronoun: They/Their.

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Do not ask me to tolerate a racist.

I don't care what the social context is. I don't care who the racist is. I don't care if you think I'm being "too strident". I don't care if I'm "wasting my energy". I don't care if you think I'm "being too political".

Do not ask me to tolerate a racist.

I don't care how long I've known you. I don't care how nice you've been to me. I don't care if you're not a racist yourself. I don't care if you donate to all the right good causes.

Do not ask me to tolerate a racist.

The only possible result is that I will think less of you.

Yes, this has been prompted by someone asking me to do so.

Is there a word to describe the emotion you feel when you shake a cup of coffee to see if there's any left, and there isn't?

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So... Someone is putting together an event to give Gamergaters their day in front of the world's press. All they had to do was appoint a handful of people to appear at Q&A panels, and to provide a simple 15 minute presentation to brief the press. The result will probably not surprise you.

Pluto is now known to be an orange-brown. Estimates please on how long till Science Fiction cover art stops presenting pluto as blue?

Just got to a part of a novel where my major criticism was "But he would have known to dispose of the duck because, if it were only partially petrified, eventually it would explode."

A no-prize if anyone can identify the novel.

Initial impressions after a day's play of Splatoon. This is actually unlike any other major online game. It's based around area control and situational awareness. It's a team game, but you're not setting up ambushes or approaching an objective, ideally you actually want to spread out as far away from each other and own a part of the map for yourself.

The rounds a rapidly paced and short, so there's not a great deal of time to cook up and communicate team strategy mid-game. And even if you wanted to, there's not much gained over avoiding duplicating effort, and focusing on territory control.

Thus, Voice chat is indeed pretty much irrelevant, and the game plays better without it.

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The Conservatives have just edged up to 323, with several seats yet to be declared, and a slim majority expected. The national figure is, instead of tied, a six point lead for the Conservatives. So what went wrong with the prediction? First, the same thing ...

I note that people are still talking about Brand. The interesting thing for me is the idea people have that this will change the minds of those who turned 18 after 2010… Which is amusing, because that’s not who Brand’s audience is at all.

Yes, Brand appealed to “Young People” in their early 20s. Ten Years Ago. Brand’s fans are now in their thirties. Somewhat of a failure to grasp that “youth culture” is a moving target.

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There's less than a week to go, and because in general last-minute movement of polling is as misleading just as often as it is accurate, this will be my final run of the model. And once more, the result is that of a statistical tie between the two main part...
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