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Virtual Schooling
The Virtual Schooling group assignment provided an online collaborative experience to create the following presentation on Virtual Schooling.  The group members included: Mallory Buzun-Miller, Will Puvalowski, Blair Sawyers, and myself Judith Considine.  I ...

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After reading the scenarios and
considering the school districts I work for and for the districts I have worked
for in the past I believe that each scenario will be handled a little different
at each school district.   The outcomes of
each scenario, I belie...

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Virtual Schooling continues
 If given the opportunity I would have appreciated the opportunity to take an online course when I was in high school. Online courses provide a strong foundation for online collaboration and prepare students for the workforce. In my current situation online...

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Virtual Schooling Part II
Would you
have appreciated the opportunity to take online courses when you were in
school? If the opportunity were available I would have appreciated the chance
to take the online course. I was a shy student and did not like to talk or take
part in the disc...

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Home What I Know about Online Learning - Part II
After reading the resources I believe that online learning
is evolving at a very rapid pace. The article Top Ten Myths about Virtual Schools is really
very relevant to the how people view virtual schooling and online learning. I
think it will take a lot of ...

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What I Know about Online Learning
I am a lifelong learner and am open
to learning online.   What I know about
online learning has changed through my educational experiences. To me, today, online
learning looks like or is a collaborative environment where learners come
together across miles ...

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Yes, I believe it is possible to sort bad, good, really good information within Wikipedia.  I think that one entry could more trustworthy over another if the resources were accurate. If I gave the assignment to make a wiki the assignment would need to be cl...

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Post #2 - Judging the Quality of Wikis and Non-vetted Sites
I have not used a Wiki before so I did not have my student's use them when I was in the classroom. However, I think it would be good resource.  I think students need to utilize the technology that allows them to be more collaborative.  Teachers will need to...

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I've added the following three sites to my blog.  I found them interesting and believe they will be  great resources. I am very interested in the site about Teaching with Technology Wikispaces.  I've never created a Wiki before so it will be helpful to see ...

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SMAR Web 2.0 Classroom Connection to Communities
I am the Public Education Coordinator for three school districts and four municipalities. As the coordinator,  I am responsible for the publications and broadcast for the local area television station. The school districts and municipalities cover two count...
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