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Some colleagues are concerned that students are taking screenshots of a quick Google Form quiz given in 1st period then sharing it with students taking it later in the day or the next day. Is there anyway to avoid this? All students are using school-issued Chromebooks. Thanks.

So this happens when I use a Google Form for a quiz/test.

1.A student clicks on the link for the form posted in classroom as an assignment.

2.Student takes quiz/test. Clicks submit when done.

3.In classroom, most students show up as done but some students who have taken the quiz, submitted, still show as NOT DONE even though I can see their scores when I look at the Form responses.

Does this happen to anyone else or know why it happens?

I wanted to use the "force copy" feature (replace the word edit to copy in a google doc file name) and post as announcement so when students open the file they are forced to make their own copy.

When I posted the link in Google Classroom announcements (with the word copy at the end of the url), it somehow resorts to the original view only link. Students then must go to File/Make a copy.

Not sure why it's doing this....anyone experience similar behavior. I just wish GC would allow to make a copy for every student in an announcement.

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What blogs and podcasts do you recommend? Does anyone use these resources in their AP Psych classrooms? The link below is to the blog titled Brain Pickings. Now, it's not always about psychology or the brain but a simple filter by subject provides all the psych related posts.

Love to hear your recommendations.

So Google Classroom is now not just for GAFE users. I don't think someone outside your school domain can join a GAFE classroom. I wonder if school domains can join public Classroom spaces.

Anyone knowledgeable about Psychometrics? It's been a long time since college stats class. If I'm comparing dating from the control and experimental groups for a significant difference, do I need to run a paired T-test? Can I use a spreadsheet or online calculator to enter data for the 2 groups?

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Our tech department has a 3D printer and there is a 3D print file of the scans from Phineas Gage's check out what just was printed for me!

It took 16 hours to print!

Has anyone used Classcrafts integration with Google Classroom ?

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Behaviorism is alive and well.

Has anyone used Classcraft?
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In the new Google Form, if I choose to release scores do I actually release or send scores later?

PS: I know about Flubaroo, but if Google gives the option to release scores later I'm guessing their is a mechanism to actually release them later.
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