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Walking away from your mortgage can be costly.

Strategic default is newest tactic of overleveraged homeowners to walk away from their mortgages. From their point of view it no longer makes sense to keep making payments on a house that does not have a chance of having any equity any time soon. According to the Niche Report this is an acceptable option to 68 million Americans, according to a recent survey by California-based ID Analytics.

So what’s the problem with strategic default?

Oh, there are penalties for just walking away….like a very big drop in your credit score, this stops you even from renting. Foreclosure is another penalty along with that the possibility of your lender seeking to recover after taking back your property. Is it worth the cost? I think not.

What if there was a solution…

What if that solution allowed you to keep your home, regain equity, save your credit and save thousands off your mortgage? What if you could get this all without getting a 1099? There is a way!
So if you are stuck making payments on a house with a lower market value than the outstanding loan balance, I can help you to find solutions to change your situation, avoid foreclosure and save your good name. This is not a loan modification or short sale which does ruin your credit.

Alicia Cox
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