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So, is this who Herman Cain is...motivational speaker extraordinaire... the second coming of Zig Ziglar!!!
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Nothing wrong with motivational speakers. : )
Some of my best friends are motivational speakers!!! 
+Barbara Ann Cooper Oh my where do I begin? First off if you don't know who Herman Cain is yet ? I suggest you do some research, he's pretty impressive. I keep hearing and reading how his appeal is to the voters- because he is not a politician. I've watched him too, he doesn't fit in with the dc clique.

But we as a country need to put partisan beliefs out the window already. Hopefully the voters will walk the walk and show the discontent at the polls.

Who do you consider a legitimate mot ivational speaker? I would think it would be some one who motivates. I don't know what rock you've been under but as a democrat, you should know that as people running on charisma, Obama took the cake. The biggest motivational speaker, and charismatic politician we've seen since JFK. 
Hey +michael hanks I know I invited you to G+ but hadn't seen you around. Welcome aboard. :)
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