How To Provide Effective Google+ Hangouts or Webinars!

There many things that can help a Google+ Hangout or G+ based-webinar become a successful one, but there is also way too much myths in the topic. It all comes down to these few things:

1. Targeted topic.
2. Readiness.
3. Promotion.
4. Have note on hand.
5. Simplicity.
6. Usefulness.
7. Be topic focus.
8. Over deliver (provide extra content or exclusive data or advice).
9. Have fun.
10. Be real and personal.
11. Infect your audience with your passion.
12. Give a summary of the chat.
13. Open time for questions.
14. Tell them how they can get more content from you.
15. Sincerely thank them for their time and collaboration.

Use number 16 only if you are trying to gain more leads or customers for your products or a third party product you want to recommend.

16. Remind them how else can you help or if you have a product or service that can provide a complete or advanced solution.

To learn more about Google+ be part or watch +Yifat Cohen the +G+GoTo Gal hangouts, and also learn she promote and does her events.

Also if you are looking for a Google Plus Guide For Beginners here are more resourceful people whom can help you learn more about how to use G+ for business. 

- +G+GoTo Gal by +Yifat Cohen 
- +Google+ Your Business 
- +Jaana Nyström 
- +Chris Lang 
- +Ronnie Bincer 
- +Johan Horak 
- +Denis Labelle 
- +Gabriel Vasile  
- +Chris Brogan 

- Update on this tip: "Use to manage, schedule, and sell hangout events!" ... The site plushang have been discontinue by its founder.
- is a free directory of public hangouts and it can be use to promote your event for more exposure.

I also recommend you to follow +Mike Elgan's updates because he is a G+ evangelists that always give some useful advice for newbies and regular users.

Now go and have some fun with your next hangout!

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