22 Storytelling Resources And How To Turn Your Personal Life Into Engaging Content For Your Google Plus Audience!
Day 25th - The 31 Days G+ Engagement Challenge!

Stop looking for content in the wrong the places or even in the right places, why stressing, and getting stop by your mental  #writersblock  if all the content you need is there right in front of your eyes.

Brainstorming still crucial, but embracing your daily personal stories to craft content ideas for your #googlepluspage  can give you a great jump start on your writing, and will also save you a huge amount of time.

You gotta remember that storytelling isn't an art, I know you heard that everywhere, If you really want to be a master on writing you need to learn the way the pros tell stories.

This is what I think about that: It's All CRAP!

Sorry my French, but is true

....you already a master on telling stories, you do it all time when you tell your friends or family what you did last week, or about that car crash you saw the other day, or about how your little baby surprise you by dancing the #gangnamstyle  song. The best stories are those told in a very personal, in your own words type of way. When you just telling your personal to other people feel connected, they are learning more about you... not just about your life but about your narrative style.

The key principal here is to be Personal!

Fake personalities are easy perceived, and even if you become good at it, it will take you some time to get use to, making brainstorming a nightmare.

So, another key factor is Originality!

Now what you need to do is adapt your #story  so it appeals your audience. When I say adapt I don't to change your style, I meant to dig out the lessons your audience should be getting from it.


PRO TIP: An excellent way to adapt your personal story for your audience is to ask yourself: "What can they learn about (your niche) from (your story)?"

Usually, by answering this can rapidly give you ideas on what to tell your readers or followers.



Here are some good resources to help you learn more about writing good stories, but you don't need it if you focus on just telling what happened they way you will to a friend or family member:


2. Photography Storytelling. by +Chandra Achberger 

3. 12 Most Crucial Storytelling Rules From Pixar! [Infographic Slide Show]

4. Extending Pixar’s Rules of Storytelling to Experience Design.

5. Wall-E and Toy Story Screenwriter Reveals the Clues to a Great Story.

6. Tell Your Business Story, One Blog at a Time. by +Mike Allton 

7. Collaborative Sensemaking: Storytelling. By +John Kellden 

8. Story(Us): The Power of Collaborative Storytelling: Jake Barton for the Future of StoryTelling 2012. by +Joe Martinez 

9. Social Media and Storytelling. Via +David Amerland & +Rich Levin 

10. Storytelling, part 1: Pitchforks and DNA. By +John Kellden 

11. Interesting read on brand storytelling. Via +Yifat Cohen 

12. Storytelling is what the 21st century is about. Via +Carra Riley & +Karen Dietz 

13. Social Media Relationships with Storytelling. Via +Steven Hughes 

14. Writing a book or a screen play? This is how #Pixar make it sell! Via +Shira Gal 

15. Stories are powerful because they transport us into other people’s worlds. Via +Ivan Mashchenko & +Mercè Gamell 

16. Joe Sabia: The technology of storytelling [Video]. Via +Kevin Minott 

17. Nice Quote Found By +William Duque Trujillo 

18. HTML5 as a Storytelling Tool. Via +Chris Brogan 

19. Storytelling, part 3: New perspectives, new ideas, new insights. By +John Kellden 

20. Big Data And Stories [Video]. By +Chris Pirillo 

21. Help Desk Hangout Wrapup: Visual Storytelling with +Google for Nonprofits [Hangout]. By +Google+ Your Business 

22. 50+ Story Ideas. Via +Laura Gibbs 

Tell what's happening or happened to you and win the contest. Here is more info: http://goo.gl/AH3iJ 

You will be able to download the whole                #googlepluschallenge  documented in a PDF report at the end of the experiment. This ebook will be full with everything you see in the challenge and much more.

Don't forget to use the hashtags              #gplusengagement  or #gpluspostchallenge  to your posts so I can check them and give you some feedback and also I will reshare your post if the content is of high quality.

For a complete list of the posts and challenge information go to: http://goo.gl/khnxf 

Remember this also works for blogging and content creation for information products.!

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