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Anyone in the Twin Cities interested in joining a game of Blades? I'm running a game at 6 at Tower Games in Minneapolis. So far I have 2 regular players, a player for when the DnD games aren't going (that's DnD night at that store), and a player who will return in another month or so. We've done creation and played 2 sessions. Let me know if you're interested.

No one knows Apocalypse World here!!!
I've played a ton of Powered by the Apocalypse games with great people in Korea (Blades in the Dark, Apocalypse World, Tremulus, The Warren, The Veil, a friend's creation about magic cats). Now I'm in Minnesota, playing board games, starting a Blades in the Dark campaign, hanging out at game stores and getting to know the gaming scene here. I still haven't met a single person who has even heard of Apocalypse World. What the hell is up with that? I went to a meetup dot com event to hook players and GMs up. Not a single person knew a single thing!!!!! What the hell?!? Does anyone have any idea why this might be? Or where everyone is hiding? Thanks in advance :)

Reading the new Scum and Villainy release and enjoying it quite a bit. It's reminding me of Stellaris. I like the 3 ships with their respective starts and how well they map to Star Wars: "Would you like to be Rebels, Smugglers like Han Solo, or Bounty Hunters like Boba Fett?" I feel like Blades in the Dark, Star Wars, and Stellaris all somehow had a baby together. :)

Can anyone help me out? Stats for districts and what to do with them?

So the inspectors and imperial military are not written up in depth? I'm guessing that's on purpose so we can fill in that bit of the world ourselves?

Our 3rd session went really well, I thought. I started out with something I was a little unsure about but seemed important to the story. They're a weird cult and are friends with The Forgotten Gods. It's a jumble anyways so I thought they're kind of a fledgling cult on the side of the Forgotten Gods. I wanted the Forgotten Gods to be consolidating and unifying, thought they would have a meeting about getting organized and that the PCs were welcome. I was nervous because I didn't have any idea where drama might be for the players. All I had was one npc vice purveyor who was in the cult of the dead sun with an undefined relationship to one PC and an idea that conflict in the Forgotten Gods was between someone saying "unite under me" people and others saying "no". It might not have worked if I hadn't taken a page from the game on YouTube with Oskar Scurlock and Arcy and the other PC. The bit early early on with a cop shouldering the other character, I did something similar with "the butcher". Lots of questions later, PC connections and motivations determined, lots of player created NPCs and NPC groups and then a player decided this was the score. They were there to murder the butcher and sway the results of the meeting. They succeeded but didn't have time to make it look accidental. We'll see where things go from here. I'm thinking that the Forgotten Gods may break into two groups. It was great.

So... Some questions about how we're doing things. We have a player who has a missing character who is getting close to retirement, a character in jail, another character with 2 trauma, and a little disappointment about never having raised a single action roll. We have the resolve trainer. It seems a little true that Playlist advancement happens faster than action advancement. Also, the one is limited, the other isn't in terms of how many ticks you can get in one session. I'm wondering if this isn't also a result of only having 2 players, which seems to load more stress on less characters and push them towards retirement sooner before they can advance much. Sometimes I've thought that 2 pcs per player might balance these issues. I don't have real concrete thoughts on what should be done as much as just I want to mention the concerns and hear what people might have to say about them. Thank you :)
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Our game yesterday got bogged down a bit with rules questions, more than it ever had. We've played well over a dozen games now, and get things for the most part, but the change of versions has left some things unclear to us.

First question: Now that characters have to either do their vice or take stress, characters with 0 vice either take stress or are going to end up automatically indulging. I don't like this kind of screwed no matter what dynamic. We had a new player come for one session. He came late as we were between missions and also did downtime with us. He rolled to have a demon come ask about us, we had to give up 3 rep. It was kind of a dumb outcome for something mechanical from a character who hadn't even seen play yet.

Another question, recovery is not as clear in the rules as it used to be. It says to roll a trait. That led me to saying that trait refers to anything, tier, action, attribute, whatever. We went with tier, as that's what it was in the past. Clarity about what to roll would be good. But then we also had the question of whether healed harm should downgrade or go away. In the past it has downgraded, so I expected that. We went with it going away however (both PCs were totally full with all the harm they could take, so this was just as well). I also think that should be clear though.

I'm also assuming Tenacious refers to spending 1 stress to ignore the effects of harm one time only? Not what I originally assumed, that it's good from that point on? It's been played both ways in our game now.

I'm loving the game and looking forward to watch it continue to take shape. I'm proud to say I've played in every version of the rules so far and am by far much much much happier with it than anything else.

Thank you!

Random fun question:  There are a lot of different factions in Duskwall.  I expect most of us will have the Redsashes, Bluecoats, LampBlacks, and the Crows in our games.  What other factions have shown up in your games?  What other factions have you created?  What are they like?

The Hive is setting up a combine in 6 towers (The 7th Tower).  Ulf is dead but his people are still around, the Beserkers.  There's something like a weird wandering acting troupe or something like that called the Midnight Players if I'm not mistaken.  And we have Mr. Higgins, the devil who is taking over the city, has given us jobs, and who we recently realized has been playing us all along.   Of course, we've seen others, but not as much.

I'm realizing now that I'm not sure how upgrading a gang is intended to work.  When I first read it I thought upgrading a gang could add a new gang type, or get an advantage or get rid of a disadvantage, or could raise the gang's quality, but would only do once of those.  Now I'm reading it as, a new type, one of the advantage and disadvantage, and upping the quality.  What is it supposed to be?  It might help to make this more clear (I wouldn't be surprised if the more complete draft already has it explained better in another part).  What have other people thought?  I wouldn't be surprised if both interpretations are somewhat common.
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