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Great work! In Oregon, #veterinarian Libby Hawkins is assembling first aid safety kits for police #dogs and distributing them to police agencies across the state.
PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Police dogs, just like human officers, are often put into dangerous situations. A Vancouver Police dog lost his life in September and a Portland K9 was killed in the line of...
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#BoxingDay, #cat -style.
If #caturday  is the best day of a cat's week, then surely #boxingday  is the best day of their year!

#catsrule   #catsallovertheworld   #catsofgoogleplus   #cats   #itsgoodtobethecat  
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It's not just pets that are in danger from improperly disposed of chip, pet food, and other bags. Please do and promote #TwoCutsForSafety  and other steps to prevent #suffocation  
It's not just #pets  that suffocate in chip, cereal, pet food, and other bags. Watch this guy help save a #deer  from this horrible end. Then learn more about and spread word of the dangers of pet, stray, and #wildlife  suffocation: 

#PreventPetSuffocation   #TwoCutsForSafety   #WildlifeMattersToo  
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Important awareness for all pet owners and animal lovers. Please share and visit the linked page and survey to help prevent these devastating tragedies.
Pet suffocation... it's not just a #dog  problem. #catlovers  and those who care about strays and wildlife need to be aware, too. More info and an important #survey  and #petition  here:

#caturday   #petsafety   #cats   #wildlife
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Sadly too few cats are brought to the vet for regular wellness checkups. People often don't realize just how much their cats benefit from yearly (or even twice-yearly) vet visits. They think it's just about the "shots" - which it most definitely is not, as this post aims to point out.
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It's #NationalDogDay  -- and it's a scorcher, too. What better way to honor and love our #dog  friends by helping to keep them safe and healthy. Please help prevent Heat Stroke by sharing this graphic and visiting this site:

#doglovers   #petsafetytips  
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Things We Love... #Dogs  , #drones ,  and researchers working together to save the Florida #avocado  ... 
In just a few weeks, redbay ambrosia beetles will be on the move in Florida, a major concern for the state's multimillion dollar avocado industry. Florida International University (FIU) researchers believe a combination of drones and dogs could be game-changers in the fight to stop a deadly fungus spread ...
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Happy #BoxingDay  
From all of us at Preventive Vet, to all of you who celebrate. Happy #boxingday  :-)
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Kinda can't stop laughing at the poor Frenchie! What about you?

#dogs   #dogsareawesome   #footballsunday   #video   #failcompilation   #lol   #igotitigotitidontgotit  
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Definitely worth checking out if you've got #cats !
Have you heard about +Tailio yet? This #tech  could be a major game changer for #cats  and #catlovers  everywhere. Check them out & back them on +Kickstarter here: #cathealth  
Tailio turns your cat's litter box into a smart monitor. Device rests under box, detects signs of trouble, mobile app alerts & tools
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Important FYI for all #doglovers  who live in and/or travel to the Pacific Northwest of the US or the West Coast of Canada. Everybody should be aware of Salmon Poisoning Disease in dogs.
Important awareness of an important and common, though not commonly known about, hazard for #dogs  in the #PacificNorthwest  of the US and west coast of #Canada  this time of year... #SalmonPoisoningDisease  . Have a read:
The annual nutrient-enrichment 'fish toss' starts Monday, so watch for the warning signs, watch your dog
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Here's my take on this topic that's taking off on social and traditional media. Vet, tech, and hospital manager friends, are you getting these calls and concerns from your clients? What are your thoughts? Please feel free to share this article with your clients if you agree and think it will help your day in practice.
Does #Trifexis  kill #dogs ? Here's what's known, what's not, and the questions everybody should be asking.

#heartworms   #fleas   #petsafety  
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I'm a small animal veterinarian sharing my knowledge and experiences with pet owners to help them keep their pets safe, healthy, and out of the emergency room.
  • Preventive Vet (
    President & Chief Medical Officer, 2011 - present
  • The Animal Medical Center
    Veterinary Intern, 2006 - 2007
  • DoveLewis Animal Emergency Hospital & ICU
    Emergency and Critical Care Resident, 2008 - 2008
  • Gwynedd Veterinary Hospital & Emergency Service
    General Practice & Emergency Veterinarian, 2004 - 2006
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Portland, OR
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The Preventive Vet

Throughout veterinary school I was drawn to the specialty of emergency and critical care because it allowed me to help pets and their owners in their greatest time of need. Following graduation from vet school and two years in general and emergency practice, I spent a year in New York City in an intensive internship at the world-renowned Animal Medical Center. I then moved to Portland, Oregon to join the emergency and critical care residency program at DoveLewis Animal Emergency Room & ICU.

While at DoveLewis, I realized that an idea had been developing since my early days in practice – I could be using my knowledge and experience to help people avoid the injuries, poisonings, and illnesses that I was so often treating. I knew that many of these emergencies could be prevented, and I knew that I could give everyday pet owners the tools and advice to help them do so – I just had to reach them before they arrived in the ER. With that thought in mind, and the support of my wonderful wife, I left my residency program and stopped treating pet emergencies, so that I could build Preventive Vet™ and start preventing them instead.

Of course, I’m not just a veterinarian and pet safety expert. Like you, I have pets. That’s me with our wonderful rescue dog, Wendy, in the picture above. And you’ll also see our devilishly handsome cat, Twizzler, elsewhere throughout this site. I have a two-legged family, as well. My wife and I have two amazing and adorable little girls, both under 3 years old.

As I suspect is the case for you, our two-legged and four-legged family keeps me very busy. However, they’re also what makes my life so wonderful and complete. They put a smile on my face multiple times a day, and I want to do what I can to protect them. I love my family, and I love that Preventive Vet™ now allows me to help you protect yours, too.

  • The Royal Veterinary College - University of London
    Veterinary Medicine, 1999 - 2004
  • The Animal Medical Center
    Small Animal Internship, 2006 - 2007
  • Pennsylvania State University
    Animal Science, 1993 - 1995
  • University of Miami
    Marine Science, 1990 - 1992
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