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The Spanish Shawl - JoAnn Peralta
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Der kurzsichtige Feldhase kann bis zu 3 Meter weit springen und mit einer Geschwindigkeit von 80km/h über die Felder rennen. Trotzdem ist er bedroht durch die Folgen der intensiven Landwirtschaft.
Auch wenn gute Hasen-Verstecke selten geworden sind, vielleicht findet ihr ja bessere für eure Eier. Happy Easter!
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The Amazon rainforest is a bird's paradise!

Did you know that most macaws stay with the same mate their whole lives? That’s commitment!

We're committed to the Amazon, having been working there for 40 years at the forefront of efforts to protect the forests, species and people that call it home!

Find out more about the Amazon:
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I love experiencing all of it. This is the flower from a Banksia tree. Banksia is part of the Proteaceae family and has about 170 variants.... all from Australia. 
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Strawberry Banana Smoothie Recipes

If you love #strawberries and #bananas, you will be delighted with this refreshing #smoothie. Not only is it mouthwatering delicious but it is extremely healthy. It is packed with potassium, vitamin C and antioxidants. The bananas give you an extra smooth texture coupled with fresh strawberries for a perfectly sweet flavor. A strawberry banana smoothie is the ideal drink for people on the go or a late afternoon snack.

Preparation Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes
Servings: 2


1 ¼ cup fresh strawberries; diced (frozen strawberries may be used)
2 ripe bananas, sliced (for extra thickness use frozen bananas)
¾ cup milk or substitute soy, rice, almond or coconut milk
½ cup ice cubes
Sprigs of mint


1. Prepare strawberries, wash thoroughly and dice into pieces
2. Cut bananas (fresh or frozen)into 1 inch slices
3. Place strawberries and bananas into a blender. Note: Reserve a few strawberries for garnish
4. Add ice cubes and choice of milk
5. Mix ingredients on low until well blended. If needed, stop the blender and stir mixture away from the sides and near the blade
6. Serve immediately. Garnish with a sprig of mint and a slice of strawberry. Goes well with cookies, a muffin or a favorite sandwich
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Spring is here!
The temperatures are rising, flowers are blooming, and pollen is covering our cars! One of the best places in the Zoo to witness this excitement of the season is the The Living Treehouse aviary.
In the aviary you'll see the green white-cheeked turacos perched in the trees, or a blue-bellied roller hanging out with the racket-tailed roller, and the white-crested laughing thrushes darting about on the ground playing with mulch and looking for bugs. 

Find out more at

#Spring  #MyBeautifulEarth #Wildlife  
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WWF-Canon Pic of the Week: Amazon river dolphin

Some river dolphins swim upside down, some can’t see, some are grey, some are pink and some carry calves on their back - but what they all have in common is that dams and pollution are threatening their homes.

The Amazon River dolphin (or Boto) is the largest river dolphin species in the world.

Find out more about this amazing species and its home:
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No soup for you! Good news for sharks -- Chinese businessmen have helped remove shark fin soup from menus.
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The Reveal.

Time after time nature continues to impress me. The bud of Leucospermum is not just a single flower... its a composite bloom made of many flowers. 

Each one of those peach-colored stalks is a single pistil of an individual flower. When fully opened, this beauty's a stunner. 

Pincushion Protea II:
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Netjes opruimen aub! Visnetten die op het strand of in zee worden achtergelaten vormen een groot gevaar voor zeeschildpadden, die kunnen er namelijk in verstrikt raken. Daarom zijn er op Bonaire speciale bakken neergezet om de afgedankte netten in te verzamelen en vissers er op te wijzen dat ze hun netten moeten opruimen:
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