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Staind-Zoe of the best

creed " with arms wide open under the sun rise welcome to the place i will show everything with arms wide open" i love the song

one for all and all for one.i respect a team.i respect a man for a nation.i am admiring love who shines with the sun sleeping on the moon my dream will be soon shine the room . another day comes again how i will shine again and again .Don't blame my day the troubles it's not from me.i will love again and again. FEEL IT AGAIN AND AGAIN.FOR THE UNIVERSE WITH LOVE.

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Real choice is not based on a word but based in facts & Programs . America dream is to be a leader of all leaders but i think a new beginnig is really without obama is whatever how america dream come true his talking and creating a 3d dreams .
We won’t settle for this President’s “new normal.” I am offering a real choice and a new beginning.

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