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Pi-Con is a celebration of geekery!
Pi-Con is a celebration of geekery!

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Upcoming Meeting: Help us plan our future!

Are you interested in helping to guide the future of Pi-Con? Come join us for a meeting at Arisia ’13.

We’ll be doing some big-picture planning, and would welcome input, opinions, ideas from anyone who loves Pi-Con.

Where: Arisia (Westin Waterfront Boston) Room 459
When: 3pm, Sunday, Jan 20th, 2013

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Our first edition of Slice of Pi for this weekend is available online and on paper scattered at various places throughout the convention

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Preview our program book online before the con, and download it to your phone for handy viewing this weekend! Also, make sure to check back on our website for updates throughout the weekend.

Myths are a foundation of our culture Myths are a foundation of our culture, some going back hundreds and thousands of years. Check out these myth-related panels while you're at Pi-Con this year.

Real Steampunk Airships Both transportation geeks and fans of steampunk should make sure to check out James Cambias' presentation on Real Steampunk Airships Saturday afternoon

What's more fun than either science or science fiction? Nothing! Check out these panels that include BOTH science and science fiction, Pi-Con's two favorite topics. Hear the Bible Geek speak on matters of God! With Dr. Robert Price as one of our featured guests, there is no way Pi-Con can go by without letting The Bible Geek speak on matters of God. We're very excited to have him on all the panels he's signed up for, including the following God-related offerings: Our gaming schedule has been posted! Pi-Con's gaming room will run sessions of Savage Worlds, Paranoia! XP, Fiasco, and Red November, and more. Don't forget to check out our Gaming Schedule!. Fear not! Check out these two dancing events to get you out of your chair and onto your feet! Whether you're looking for a shiny new bobble or something interesting to read, we're sure one of vendors, who will be selling their wares along our dealer's row, will be able to fulfill your need for retail therapy. Check out the dealer's page for our full lineup!
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