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A Sailing we shall go
Where has the time gone? Where has the year gone!?   I haven’t been able to sit and write for
months, the work keeps piling up and Father Time seems to be stealing away the
days just for fun.   The leaves have
fallen and the carpets of gold and bronze have ...

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On the Wings of Summer
We are drifting into the later stages of the summer here in
the Test Valley and August is currently blessing us with blue skies and burning
sunshine.   This weather, alongside the
summer holidays, has brought the people flocking to Mottisfont Abbey where th...

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Strawberry Moon Solstice
It’s almost Midsummer! Can you
actually believe it; we are halfway through the year already and yet barely
seem to have had time to enjoy the delights that the warmer season brings.   The mixture of warm, wet weather has resulted
in vegetation growth the li...

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Survey season
We are well and truly into survey
season now and consequently my desk looks like a naturalist bomb has exploded
over it; FSC ID guides, bird survey maps, butterfly transect forms, glow worm
survey routes, dormouse survey grid forms, smooth snake survey inst...

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Bats, badgers and butterflies...
Boom! It’s that fabulous time of year when the natural world
has quite literally exploded with colour, light and life.   The hedgerows are thick and green, the trees
are all wearing their new leafy crowns and wildflowers are popping up in vast
expanses crea...

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When Doves Cry
Doves are indeed crying tears of Purple Rain as we have lost
yet another musical genius this year, with the lamented passing of Prince last
week.   The truck radio spent the day
singing out all his classics in tribute, so that anywhere you went around

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Come one, come all.
‘In April, come I will’ a nd come they have, with the first Cuckoo
heard on one of our New Forest sites this week, heralding one of the seasonal   landmarks of the arrival of the migratory
birds.   The call of the Cuckoo always
makes my mind fly back to chi...

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High flight
Last time I wrote on this blog, I was sheltering from the
wild winds of Storm Imogen.   Today, I sit
and write in the most glorious weather we’ve seen so far this year, with
cloudless blue skies, a glowing, burning sun and the smell of freshly cut grass

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Wwild is the Wind
Wild is the Wind – a small tribute to the recently departed
genius of David Bowie and also a pretty accurate summary of the weather
battering us today.   I sit writing this
from my own sofa as the Mottisfont estate has been closed to the public and staff
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