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Don't bother thinking outside the box if you're not ready to step outside the box!
Don't bother thinking outside the box if you're not ready to step outside the box!

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I can't wait for the 2014 #afrTOUR schedule! #eventdesign #bizbash  
Be part of our #afrTOUR in 2014! Here are some 2013 highlights! 
The 2013 Design & Inspire National Showcase & Networking Tour
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HOW-TO: Create A Strong Presence On Google Plus (& Get More Followers) Read FULL on my blog: with resources & examples included. Here's a summary:

1. PERFECT YOUR HOVER CARD. You must have an attention-grabbing hover card to make a great & memorable first impression!

Make sure you have:
- Profile picture relevant to your niche
- Unique cover photo that represents your personal brand
- A crisp tagline that shows your personality
- Your company info and your current location

=== E.g. +Rebekah Radice  - Hover on her name and see how awesome her hover card is. People can easily tell what she is all about.

=== For more example taglines: +Randy Hilarski (detailed tagline) / +Mia Voss  (cheerful tagline) / +Peg Fitzpatrick  (a tagline that rocks)

2. TELL YOUR STORY & SHOW OFF YOUR SKILLS. Share your story, expertise, interests, favorites, etc. Don't forget to use text formatting, use lists or links to make your "About" even more interesting.  

=== E.g. +Dustin W. Stout - He share his bio in a well organized format. He include his interests, what he does and what he usually post. He use keywords wisely, use whitespace to make it easy on eyes, states which circle he want to be in and links to his favorite blog posts.

Interesting, unique and memorable bio right?

3. COMPLETE YOUR PROFILE by filling out all other fields such as your site URL, social media links, email verification & setup vanity URL.

4. POST INTERESTING CONTENT. Share variety of content consistently - questions, funny photos, videos, infographics and all other shareable content. Make sure it's something that will interest your followings.

5. OPTIMIZE YOUR POSTS. Don't forget to add a description, relevant #hashtags, bold title or important keywords, CTA  (call to action) and use high-resolution images!

6. ENGAGE. Be friendly and get involved. Follow active people that interests you. Make meaningful comments, be friends with your followers and join communities.

7. JOIN CIRCLE SHARES. It won't hurt to join this trend as long as you use it properly and don't bombard your stream with just 'circles'. Here are some cool circle curators: +Rusty Ferguson  / +Paula Teshima  / +Altered DNA  / +Vladimir Samsonov  / +Michael B.  / +Mario Falcetti  / +Sam Stormborn Ormandy /  +Robby Ball 

Make sure to follow their rules to get in!

8. ADD A BADGE TO YOUR SITE. Ask your site visitors to connect with you on Google Plus.

For FULL & detailed post (with examples & resources), please proceed to this link:

Pin for Later (thanks Peg for this idea):

Hope you find this post useful. +1 and share will be greatly appreciated! Any feedback or questions, let me know in the comments below. HAPPY THURSDAY everyone!

#googleplus     #gplus     #googleplustips   #socialmedia   #growfollowings   #socialmediamarketing   #socialnetworking  

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What are the best IT & Technology events to watch in 2014? We have tried to make a complete overview, but we need input from you, #eventprofs - help us complete the list and share the most exciting events! 

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