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Swapna Raghu Sanand
Writer | Blogger | Book Reviewer| Twilight Singer | Spiritual Seeker | Rain lover
Writer | Blogger | Book Reviewer| Twilight Singer | Spiritual Seeker | Rain lover

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C/O #SairaBanu is a movie that is worth watching; #ManjuWarrier delights, #Amala commands respect & #ShaneNigam a powerhouse of talent

For fans of clean family entertainers, this film starring Manju Warrier, Amala and Shane Nigam is a memorable treat. #SairaBanumoviereview #malayalam

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#Surpanakha was never wronged by Lord Ram and Lakshman; still, we blame them! #fiction #Ramayana

The revelations in Kavita Kane's latest novel, Lankas's Princess, tell you why Surpanakha did what she did, why she thought in a certain way and why she manipulated her brother to be provoked by her narrative of how Lord #Ram and #Lakshman had treated her and all of this finally led to the abduction of Sita by #Ravana.

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Can a Dr Raghu and a Dr Moideen sit down and enjoy a meal together without religion being a matter of dispute? YES!

There was never "we" versus "them" debate - it was always "we." It didn't ever matter that we had different names for Gods or for our beliefs. Now this has begun to change and I am certain we can stop thinking and differentiating on the lines of religion if we learn to love and respect what beliefs are all about.

#religion #hindu #muslim #secularism #kerala

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I love to start my day with a smile. I have a couple of happiness routines that I like to follow #morning #inspiration

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#JamesandAlice movie review: A solid story narrated in a refreshing way

When you place ice in a bowl of water, it melts spontaneously. That's what happens when you place love in a relationship. There is a natural, effortless harmony, a merging of thought, word and deed. This is what makes love so elusive. Few find can that tuning in, that harmony to keep a relationship going. That's what James and Alice is all about.

#jamesandalice #prithviraj #malayalamcinema #malayalam

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The key question is - What have you saved for yourself and how do you feel about it deep within?

Life is the best teacher and when we learn from our own life, there can be no lesson better than that. Here are my candid thoughts on what 2016 taught me and I'd love to know what your journey was like because I believe we can learn more from each other than when we fight our demons alone.

So, do leave your comments on my blog and share with me what your journey has been like. I'd love to hear from you.

#success #motivation #happiness #inspiration #wisdom

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#Pulimurugan #moviereview: Visual Delight for #Mohanlal fans and 5 things to know about the movie

As an actor, #Mohanlal’s flexibility in pulling off many bold stunt scenes is commendable. The SFX work in Pulimurugan is impressive and is the USP of this action film.

For Mohanlal fans, Pulimurugan is a celebration of everything they like about their favorite actor. He tosses the tiger as if it is a rabbit, beats villains to pulp even while carrying a wounded man on his shoulder and yet struggles to spell his younger brother’s designation board which reads, “Marketing Manager.”

No doubt, Mohanlal fans will watch Pulimurugan more than once!

#pulimuruganmoviereview #mohanlalpulimuruganmovie #malayalam #moviereview

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MUST-SEE PICS! #Onam festival in #Kerala’s #Guruvayoor Temple: 7 stunning #Pookalams to brighten up Onam festival

The auspicious day of #Thiruonam is tomorrow and across the world, Malayalis have been preparing to celebrate their biggest harvest festival. My story in #TheFinancialExpress on the seven stunning #pookalams that have been displayed at the famous Guruvayoor temple in Kerala.

#onamfestival #guruvayoortemple #onapookalam #athapookalam #festivals

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Can we look deep within, look beyond our prejudices, nurture love and trust each other despite our differences? #wisdom

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#Premam Malayalam Movie Review: A Superb Entertaining Love Story in which #NivinPauly conquers hearts and Sai Pallavi is a delight to watch

I had a big smile on my face when I read the words "Butterflies are mentally mental, so is love" on the screen. This was shown just before the credits started to show.
I loved watching #NivinPauly in #Premam but most of my friends didn't.........#malayalammoviereview

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