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gene lowinger
fiddler, violinist, photographer
fiddler, violinist, photographer

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Spring In February
Temps got above 60°F today in New York, and people were out shaking off cabin fever. Later this week temps are supposed to get up to 70°F. The bright sun made for some tough shooting conditions. I had a chance to fondle the new Leica M10 digital camera. I h...

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Afternoon Walk
Had to get out for a walk on Wednesday to break up a week of cabin fever. It's getting harder and harder to get good street shots of people that are not staring at or talking into their cell phones.

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Sunday Morning Bagels
I went out this morning to get my usual Sunday morning bagel, cream cheese, and lox. While I was standing in line, I received a text message asking if I could attend a prayer service and contribute to the minyan (ten men). So after leaving the bakery I went...

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Thursday on 47th Street
I spent some time at the Museum of Modern Art yesterday to enjoy an exhibit of works by Francis Picabia. On the walk back to Penn Station I stopped by the New York Diamond District which is centered on 47th street between Fifth and Sixth avenues. Rich picki...

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An Evening of Learning
There is a very old tradition in Judaism of study and learning that dates back many thousands of years. Our culture is deep and rich with many texts beginning with Torah and other biblical books, through the Babylonian and Jerusalem Talmuds, the commentarie...

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Sunday Walk
I was itching to play with my 23mm f2 lens yesterday, so took a walk in midtown Manhattan. The sun was in and out and the light was difficult to manage. Each time I use this lens I love it more.

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Shabbat Party
I had the opportunity to visit a local Jewish pre-school program at which there was a party to welcome in shabbat. Candle lighting, wine (grape juice) and challah blessing, and a story about going to shul on shabbat. A great way to get kids started on the r...

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Poppy Seed Cake
A few months ago a friend sent me to a bakery on 12th ave and 51st street in Borough Park, called Shloimy's, to try out their poppy seed cake. It was close to the best I can remember. The best was made by my grandmother, but that's another story. So while I...

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More Fuji 23mm f2 Lens shots
I'm really loving this lens. It's so easy to handle on the X-Pro2, and focusing is fast. And it is really sharp!

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Fuji 23mm f/2 Lens
I added a new toy to my collection of Fuji lenses. I already have the 23mm f/1.4 lens, but the most recent Fuji lens - 23mm f2 - is smaller and less obtrusive, weather resistant, and I was hoping focus speed would be faster. So I went out on the mean street...
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