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I've been going through my copy of Deep Magic: 13th Age Compatible Edition and there are a LOT of spells there so I might have missed it. But what I want to know is whether there's a spell in 13th Age that allows the user to change the size of objects and/or people. I figure it would be an amusing little toy to drop on my players in the form of a spellbook/magic item/scroll.

Question regarding the 13 True Ways Monk: Why were four of the Seven Deadly Secrets removed after the last playtest version? Why no Druken Style? I never got to use the talent, but it looked especially fun. The Monk actually feels kind of incomplete with these omissions.

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Recently I was involved with a discussion regarding the quality and importance of the math behind 13th Age. It was asserted that mechanics-wise, the Fighter isn't a very good class and that his role could be better filled by battle-oriented cleric. A link to a copy of the mathematical reasoning regarding the Fighter is down below.

I suspect there's some cherry picking going on, since our group's Fighter is nowhere near as deficient as this makes the class sound (and in fact is one of our strongest members). But I'm no math buff, so wondering what other people think of this. Have you ever had issues with Fighter effectiveness? If so, are there any houserules you've adopted to fix the issue?
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