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Activism is our rent for living on the planet (Walker)
Activism is our rent for living on the planet (Walker)

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Chag Urim Sameach - Happy Chanukah

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Worth sharing with B'nai Mitzvah families

In an attempt at crowd-sourcing a sermon, based on a suggestion from a friend, I would love your answers to the following: Imagine Moses was given 15 commandments instead of just 10. What are the 5 missing commandments. Answers can be serious or humorous, fun or philosophical, contemporary or timeless.

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So cool... a great example of the fruits of a meaningful mission statement and laser-like focus on the goals that support it. Loved my PC XT... Love my IMAC.
Ultimate business David vs. Goliath story...

This is the Apple ad run 30 years ago yesterday, the day the IBM PC was released (below).

I just read all the copy, and at the bottom is says:

"Because what we are doing is increasing social capital by enhancing individual productivity."

Thirty years later, after doing that through fits and starts, and with the release this past decade of the iPod and iPhone and iPad and more, Apple moves from being a small rebel to the most valuable company on the planet. Truly amazing vision shown in 1981 for a mission that is so powerful and which was so fulfilled!

Are there any other David vs. Goliath stories in business that come close to this?

My poor daughter, the Harry Potter fanatic of the family, stayed up until 2:30 am waiting to get into Pottermore. Sadly, this morning reports are that the clue appeared at 4 am. I'm thinking another evil wizard has arisen and is seeking to sap my child of sleep for the next week. :-( Hope she gets in tomorrow!

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This is an outstanding add on for G+!!!
Love that I can collapse comments and still see how if there are new ones (in red). Made possible by +Huy Zing. Learn more here:

This is a feature list:

Notification status visible at all times. You no longer have to scroll the page to the top and you don’t have to keep going back to the browser tab with Google+. You will always know when you get new notifications because the browser button is always visible with a badge.

Collapsible comments. Thanks to a side bar always within view, it’s quick and easy to hide hundreds of comments from anywhere in the discussion.

Collapsible posts. You can hide and unhide a post without muting it. This is great if you’re not really interested in seeing a post and all its comments right now, but you still want to get back to it at a later time. The downside of muting a post is that you will never see it again and you stop getting any notifications of responses to any comments you may have made on that post.

Mark comments as read. Collapsing posts/comments automatically keeps track of the comments you’ve seen; the extension remembers.

Real-time comment count on collapsed items. Whether you like to collapse comments or posts, you won’t miss any incoming comments. The extension shows you the total number of seen or unseen comments, updated live.

List-mode option keeps at most one post displayed. Combined with real-time comments, this turns the stream into a dashboard: in one screenful you can see activity on many posts at once and jump back and forth between multiple active comment streams. This will greatly benefit those who follow popular people who post a lot and/or get a lot of comments.

Mouse-over instant preview. In list mode, hover the mouse over a collapsed post to get a preview of the content at the side. The preview is fully functional.

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Admittedly, you may find this ironic if not hypocritical, coming from me, but here are two ways to increase your productivity. Anti-Social enables you to block access to websites for abuser-definable time periods. The only way to defeat it is to restart your computer--but that's an admission that you're pathetic.

If you'd like to go all the way, there's another product from the same programmer that blocks all Internet access:

I used Anti-Social when I had to finish Enchantment, but that was BG+ (Before Google+). Now I need it more than ever.

Don't ever say that my posts don't help you be more productive...

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Comments make for a fascinating read.
How do you improve the world with Google+? what would you say to a crowd of 90,000 people? Can we improve the human condition? I only have X days left with you all. What I find fascinating is EVERYONE here has 90,000 followers. Don't believe me? Everyone who comments here has the same power I do. What will you tell 90,000 people to do? What actions should we take to make this "field trial" more than just a place to post cute photos? Go ahead, take the microphone and focus our attention on an issue you care about! Or, tell us about a way we can make a difference in someone's life.

Here, let's get it kicked off. I have $1,000. what is the best way for me to make a difference. Keep in mind that while that isn't a huge sum to many, billions of people live on $2 a day. Let's work on putting that to work in a leveraged way.

It is your turn. How can we change the world?

UPDATE: Several have asked what I meant by "I only have X days left with you all?" Here's what I meant: No one knows how much time they have left here. I remember going to TED and sitting next to a guy named Omar Ahmad. He was mayor of San Carlos. He had a big impact on my life. Told me he made a bit of money in the Venture Capital business, but not enough to be Bill Gates. He said he looked around and saw lots of needs in his own backyard that he COULD have an impact on, which is why he started working in his local city government. He's the same age as me. One day he woke up, didn't feel well, had a heart attack and died. This thread is dedicated to his memory and his leadership. It is my way of looking around and asking "what can I do?"

Seeing the final Harry Potter with my family tonight (IMAX 3D, no less!). To date, I have seen every movie, and have read none of the books. No interest. I go along to the movies because a) it's nice to be with family and b) they are generally well made. The real question is, am I the only one left in America who has no desire to read the Harry Potter books, even if they do become available for my kindle?
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