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Thomas McPoyle
It will be interesting to see what comes next...
It will be interesting to see what comes next...

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Ya's either ignorance or apathy, but I don't know and I don't care......

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I saw my first scorpion, and no, not the singers. Moving boxes to our storage facility, he was in the car with Tommy and I. We moved him with one of the boxes from outside. Very unsettling.

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This is so gets there and not what you expect.

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Does anyone know a good way to go without cable? I am planning on NFL Sunday Ticket online from Directv for football, HULU+, and Netflix online. Anyone know of any other streaming services to ditch cable altogether?

I'm not clear on why I need Twitter, Google+, Facebook, yadda yadda yadda....I think Twitter may be too much....I do like this (G+) more than the others...

Tired. Packed the tools in the garage. Good thing, each state, I get less and less stuff to move.

My kids are all asleep still. My girl is still in bed. I am on the computer catching up on the non-sense and minutia of social media.
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