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Technology lover.

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The sweetest trick shot I've ever seen.

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Hahaha, stupid AMD still lagging behind.  If you actually believed the hype around their next gen cards prepare to be disappointed once again by shitty amd.,1.html 

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Insurance recruiters...  The absolute scum of the earth.

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I got 5/6 correct.  There is a difference between lossless and mp3 and if you say otherwise, you are a moron.

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Have I mentioned that I really hate St Louis? I really hate St Louis. 

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And now Google is starting to suck as much as apple.  

I hope this flops.

You have to have a fucking Nexus 6 to utilize their service.  Fuck. You. Google.

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Just to give you an idea of what you can expect when you sell something online.  I get bare minimum at least one of these asshats with every listing.  They will try and low ball you every single time.  GTFO cheapasses.

This clown is not comparing the same monitor that I have and he is also comparing a used monitor to a manufacturer refurbished one.  

New message from: lord_me (484Turquoise Star)
You can buy the BID model of this (step up, about $40 more at retail) for $114.99 shipped with a warranty. Your monitor with shipping brings it up to $125.26.

Would you do better on this with shipping ?

I am buying one tomorrow and I saw and kind of like this model but, I would need a lot better price if I was to buy yours with it being used and with out a warranty.

lord_me has 47h 58m to respond.
Offer price: US $109.98 (US $109.98 x 1)
Quantity: 1
Offer expires in: 47 hours 58 mins
Your message: I have lowered the price for you. I hope this new price reflects a better value for you. Please, go ahead and tell me all the places you can get this monitor cheaper, and then I will laugh when I sell this monitor to someone else and send you the screenshot. Believe me, I had 2 of these and the EXACT same scenario happened with the first one, except I actually sold it for 114.99 instead of 109.99. Felt good proving that guy wrong and this will be no different. Good day.

Well, time to leave the internet until tomorrow.  April 1st is the devil's work.
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