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Using the verb 'DO' in many different ways - English Grammar Lesson.

in  today's English Grammar lesson, we are going to look at the verb, do. well, I'm sure you've come across many lessons in the past using the verb, do and yes a lot of people get confused with this verb, okay and they do make mistakes when they use the verb, do. So, well it's one of my favourite verbs and I thought let me do a lesson on this today but we'll look at how we use do in different ways. Okay, so let's get started.

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Phrases for Responding To Unusual Situations (Death, Sad, Unexpected Gift, Fired) Free English Lessons

Certain responses in English seem to be pretty natural. Like if someone says thank you, you will immediately say “you’re welcome”. If someone close to you says “I love you”, well you may just end up saying “I love you too”. But beginners in English and sometimes even those who have studied the English language for a while end up being tongue-tied when faced with not so familiar situations. In other words, they don’t know the right English words to use to respond properly. In this English lesson have a look at some situations and see what the likely responses for them could be:

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Common American Business Slang Words used in English conversation – Free Advanced English Lessons.

If you receive an email from your co-worker with some business slang words, you might keep wondering what does that word really mean. Most dictionaries don’t list slang words. These words come from the society, and you and me can make them by combining or breaking words. In today’s English lesson you will learn some commonly used Business Slang words, you would come across while interacting with the executive class and the working force. Some of these English slang words are extremely funny and some convey a lot more. In this Business English lesson with Michelle, she teaches you these business slang words in an interesting way with the help of a story. We are sure you would find this lesson interesting and learn how to use these slang words in your conversation.

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Interesting English Phrases to say 'Someone is Pregnant' - Free English Lessons

In the English language, there are different English phrases one can use to announce the big news that is being pregnant. Well, the big news is to say when somebody is pregnant. This English speaking lesson will help you learn new vocabulary and English phrases to announce, someone is pregnant.

Complete Lesson Transcript :
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Different ways to say - 'I'm Happy' - Alternatives to Happy - Free Spoken English Lessons

Hello English learners, We hope you are making good progress in your spoken English skills. In today’s English lesson with Sonia, you will learn alternatives to the word Happy, these words could also be called synonyms to happy. Sometimes we are just Happy, the other time we are extremely happy with some situations in our life. Do you use the word happy combined with very, such as, very happy, very very happy. Why not learn some interesting English words that could rightly describe the degree of happiness. Learn some great English words to replace the word Happy.

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Common Wrongly used English phrases – Free English Speaking Lessons | Speak Fluent English

English is a tricky language, even people who speak fluent English make some very common mistakes in English. In today’s English speaking lesson with your teacher Rachna, you would learn about such common wrongly used English phrases, which dumps your reputation as an English speaker. These mistakes in English are made unknowingly without the speaker being aware of them. Look at these common errors in English and stop making them. Watch our other free Spoken English lessons to improve your English and speak fluent English confidently.

For complete lesson transcript visit our website –

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Learn Technology Vocabulary for Mobile Phone & Computers - English Lessons to speak fluent English

Hello subscribers, welcome to another free Spoken English Lesson from Let’s Talk English speaking Institute. In today’s English lesson you will learn 16 technology words related to mobile phone and computers. We come across these words in our day-to-day life, why not understand how to use them in your English conversation. Practice these words and try using them in your everyday conversation to sound fluent in spoken English.

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