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The Roof of Africa - Getting There
The flight is long coming from Italy, yet only about
half as long as trips from the US. We got in around 9pm, strong winds pummelled us as we walked from the plane to the terminal. Once inside you join the flood
of people headed through the immigration chec...

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Getting Old (Or, Just Like Dad)
I've noticed a few things this past year or so. I'm getting old. So, I've had unofficial (i.e. undiagnosed) arthritis in my ribs since I was a teenager. In Junior High, I was having pain in my chest and it hurt to breathe. Mom and I wondered if I had asthma...

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Stuff! And More Stuff!
I haven't posted in forever. I have not been writing. I haven't even been reading. What have I been doing? Working. And working some more. Winter is the busy season at Outdoor Rec. We rent ski and snowboard equipment, as well as leading ski/snowboard trips ...

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Stitch Fix - The Fifth (Falling For Red)
I needed autumn clothes. Sweaters, pants, long sleeves. I even subtly asked for a scarf. I blatantly asked for a henley I saw in another Stitch Fix. I am once again, very much, not disappointed. Sorry for the crappy pics. Infinity scarf, black sweater, prin...

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Stitch Fix The Fourth - (Or, Independence Edition)
While I have other blog posts to write for you, this one is
easy – Stich Fix the 4 th ! Just in time for the 4 th of July! How about that? This is my first Fix since moving to Italy. I am working
(all the times) and haven’t had time to spend the money I’m m...

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Nose To The Grindstone (Or, Thoughts While Drinking A Beer)
I am working so much right now. Pretty much every day. My
one day I have guaranteed off is spent catching up on errands and cleaning
house. I see my friends off doing adventures and exploring and I feel
jealous.  But then I think of how guilty I often feel ...

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Chicken Tikka Masala (Or, OMFG I’m Gonna Eat It All)
J recently bought a cookbook that focuses more on fuelling
athletic performance. The authors cook for professional cycling teams, so they
know about cooking on the fly, cooking for hungry guys, and cooking for
maintaining athletic performance. The recipes i...

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Pulire - To Clean (Or, OMG! A Post From Italy!)
A long time ago, in a land far, far away….. I created a cleaning
schedule . Seriously. Me. I made a little monthly calendar and had household
chores for me to do each weekday. I put that little calendar in a plastic sheet
protector on my fridge and marked o...

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It's That Time Again (No, I Don't Mean Christmas)
I haven’t blogged much here. But then again, we all know I’m
a bad blogger. But now I’m getting ready to move again, and it’s time to think
about my (short) time here in Maryland. For starters, I’ve been spending every Monday with my BFF,
Misty. She works f...

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Sometimes I Open My Mouth And My Dad Comes Out (Or, Daddy's Girl)
Girls are supposed to grow up and become their mothers,
right? Not me. I’m becoming my dad. I play with kids and animals the way he does. I make up my
own words like he does. I find myself using nicknames for my nieces and nephews
that he used to use with m...
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