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Pomona's Universal Pectin
Make healthy jam & jelly with rich fruit flavor using low amounts of any sweetener.
Make healthy jam & jelly with rich fruit flavor using low amounts of any sweetener.

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Spring has sprung and we've got recipes for you -- crossing the line between the first spring pickings and the winter hangers on -- Rhubarb in the form of Savory Rhubarb Conserve and Rhubarb Jelly -- Strawberries & Lemon for Strawberry-Lemon Marmalade. And then there's Orange-Chocolate Marmalade, Violet Jelly, and Spruce Tip Jelly -- all low-sugar. Couldn't be better. Time to make some jam!

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+Fillmore Container is hosting a "Naturally Sweet Food In Jars Preserving Kit Giveaway" to celebrate Marissa McClellan's pub day for her new book, "Naturally Sweet Food in Jars," featuring canning and preserving recipes of all types using no refined sugar. You can enter to win here:

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It's fun to make jelly in the winter -- and here's a way to do it without fresh fruit or juice -- and low sugar too!
How do you make Lavender Jelly? It's really quite easy - and we're sharing the recipe!
We made a batch last week at the #PAFarmShow   using organic #culinarylavender   from #HopeHillLavenderFarm   here in PA and +Pomona's Universal Pectin  !
It was divine...and certainly got the thumbs-up from those who sampled it!  #lavenderrecipe

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We made this Pear Ginger Jam with Pomona's Pectin at the PA Farm Show last week and it was delicious! Our taste testers loved it!
We're sharing the recipe in our blog link below.
If you want some more recipes for using +Pomona's Universal Pectin you can get the book Preserving with Pomona's Pectin here:  #pomonaspectin #lowsugarpreserving #jamrecipes  

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Cantaloupe Jam -- we've had a number of requests for a recipe but there's a problem with Cantaloupe Jam -- cantaloupes are one of the lowest acid fruits out there, so it's necessary to be very sure that you have enough acid in the recipe to make it safe for water bath canning.

We asked Allison Carroll Duffy, author of Preserving with Pomona's Pectin, to develop and test a recipe for Low-Sugar Cantaloupe Jam made with Pomona's Pectin -- and so she did! Thanks Allison.

The recipe is featured in our September Jam Notes e-newsletter, along with new ideas for making Fruit Sauces & Syrups with Pomona's.

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Our "Pomona's Day" Celebration Giveaway is over and winners have been chosen and notified. They are Gary from Hackettstown, NJ, and Joann S. of Wixom, MI. Congratulations to both for winning a copy of "Preserving with Pomona's Pectin," a box of pectin, and from +Fillmore Container  a case of 12 regular mouth 4 oz jelly jars and lids.

Learn more about our winners, get Renee Joslyn of Freakin' Flamingo's fantastic Blue Sunshine Jam recipe, and sign up for the Preserve the Harvest Giveaway on our website blog post.

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Homemade low-sweetener jam -- taste the fruit, not the sugar! If you're into #canning , and reducing sugar in your diet appeals to you, and you've never tried making your jam with Pomona's Pectin -- the time has come for change!

We're running a #Giveaway  this week. There'll be 2 winners. Each will receive a copy of our book "Preserving with Pomona's Pectin," a box of Pomona's Pectin, and a case of 12 regular mouth smooth sided 4 oz jam jars from +Fillmore Container.

Enter today through midnight PDT, Tuesday, August 18.

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If you're a Preserver who likes Giveaways -- don't miss this one being sponsored by "Countryside & Small Stock Journal." There will be a drawing and prizes every week for the next 9 weeks; you can enter again every week; and there will be Grand Prizes at the end worth about $5,000, including a HarvestRight freeze drier. A box of Pomona's Pectin is being given away each week. The grand prize will include a box of Pomona's and a copy of our book, "Preserving with Pomona's Pectin."
Enter Now for this week -- and then again every week following.

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