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Call me Merunes.
Call me Merunes.
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Changing Something with...MAGIC!
Yeah, the Word of Sorcery dosnt have innate Miracles. Which to my extenden knowledge prohibites it from magic defensive or active dispelling.
But can it be used to allow Craft minor magic ITems, ARtificts (like an artificer) and can it "change" the world trough dominion, like a magic academy, a magic Field, a Magic Barrier?

What do you think my fellow Godbound

Hey, maybe someone could help me out with a Ruling.
The Question is, Sun can it dispell any form of Magic
(As Suggested by Miracles of the sun might be used to break spells)
and is therefor a anti Magic Word in its "theme"
or, is it just "evil" magic (As suggested by The
sun banishes malevolent sorcery).

So could a miracle plausibly "dispell" any (mortal) magical Curse, Ritual or Spell and offensifly dispell any form of magic?

2. Question

A "Zone" of Danger, deals 1 point of Damage per Turn, for a Enemy in it...but, what would a Mob get out of it, just 1 damage seems abit weak.

The Afterlife in Arcem, a intruiging thing. We play a Campaign now in Ancalia with the new Gazetter and Religion is kinda a huge Question.
My group dosnt like to play very religious charcters, so how religious are ancalians it seems its a hughe role in there lives.

And for the Afterlife....
1. to bind a soul to the afterlife is a ritual enough (the RIGHT ritual) or does the dead need to belive in the Ritual and the religion.
2. if the "rest of dead" comes to a soul does it just Sleep? or what happens to it.
3. Can a Soul go to heaven (it seems to be implied in the Mainbook when the talk is about the "Ancestor worhsip ancestors who watch from heaven".
4. If someone belives and is burried can his Sins condemm him to hell? is it enough to act like you belive and if the right ancalian priest does the right ritual you are send to the "afterlife" even if you broke every law behind closed doors and never belived in the Creator rly?
5. Can other ACtions condemm a Soul to Hell?#
6. On a Side note, are there more releases planned (and will ther be books beside LAnd gazetters on heaven/hell/magic/Afterlife and other stuff?)

And every other information about the Afterlife is very welcome :) if ther is no "information" or nothing set in Stone i would make up my own stuff but every idea or bit is welcome.

I already say something like this and now i would love to Make it a real thing, my englihs sadly not that good but i would love to see some other people who are interested with building a kind of Fan Made Forum and do the Forum-Admin work there.
It seems to me a Place to put a FAQ, Custom Gifts/Words and a list of "Official" answers to questions together, would be rly great so the Same questions dont get asked here over and over again, besides google+is not the "best" way i would say to have community Discussions.

Just to Throw in an Idea, we should try to make a Forum/Wiki/List to collect all Custom Words/Gifts for everyone who wants to Contribute, a Sharing Platform if you want so.

And on the Topic of Custom Gifts, something came to my Mind.... every existing Word can be added Gifts, some Words have, besides the Metaphorical a Balancing Mechanic.

For Example
Fire: AoE/Mob Damage
Might: Hard Single Hit Damage.

Atleast it seems to me that Some words are aimed mor at non Combating, while others are aimed at direct, or mob damage.

But couldnt almost ever word plausibly replicate a AOE or Single Attack Gift? Like...Fire, make a Gift that does something like Loosening God's teeth and descripe it as a concentrated Fire Ray. Or Fertility, making a Mass Cancer Attack. Passion making Burning Emotions.

My Point is, is that Okay? what do you Thing, should Words habe, besides there Metaphorical "Place" also a Balancing Place? or should everything thats plausible Explainable be allowed (which would gife many gifts the Option of Translation many Gifts from other Words by changing the words "cloud, Fire, Earth" arround.)


hope my Question is clear enough and i see some disscussion on this Topic becouse im very interisted in your Opinions.


At the beginning, my Players tend to think in the Way of "If the mob has 1 hd creatures i kill 1 creature with each damage.
But it made no sense, becouzse the HD dice of a mob go up linear and the Amount of Creaturesin the Mob, Exponentially.
With normal Humans thats tollerable, okay more flee, but with undead? they wont flee.

I just dissmised it but my players habe a real immerison problem witthouth "numbers" of how many enemys they face. They areHardcore Rolplayers

So community, dear Godbound Gamemasters, how do you handle Mobs in Descriptions, how big IS a Mob of each Size?

For Me i would Guess,
Small = ~12-24
Large = ~100
Vast = ~500-1000

Hey community! My Gaming Group collected some Questions and im the Lucky one to ask all of them. Please share every tought you have becouse most of the Questions are "how you handle this"

Eldrichts and other "Like Godbound" creatures, (Liches, Primal Dragons, etc) that can become Archgods and have Powers that are on par with Gifts, can they do anything a Godbound can like create Artifacts and Expand Dominion, Change "Facts".

Changing Facts is on a Scale from x1 to x4 but some Special cases exist. Like changing a creature to a Champion (8 dominion) making a godwalker factroy (16).
Have you guys any idea how to Handle very narrow Special cases? building a Teleport Network of some Kind or a very Major Change, in a very small Area, (scope 1x4 vor impossible) still are only 4 Dominion. Basicly my Point is, many changes fall into 4 Dominion who have wildly diffrent Levels of Impossible.
Maybe make some Changes Very powerful x8? or surreal (x16) [Comparing to the Champino and Godwalker Factory examples of the book)

Defensiv and Active Dispelling seems kinda Universal. At what Point something is an appropriate Word to "Defend". a Earth Godbound (of my Group) always "dispells" via a solid earth barrier that protects her from, basicly, any tangiable Gift, no matter what source it has. Would you let this fly?
Or Need These "Words" you use to defend, be somehow opposed to the Source of the Power (like the exmaple with Sun dispelling Shadow).

Are there any more books for godbound incoming? I Hope so.

And again a Question from me. I hope i dont anoy anyone with my constant asking of questions but this system is so interesting that i and my players have so many questiosn. Most stuff i just do a Quick calling but if something goes deeper, well i bring it to this
Im not a Native speaker so many things probalby get lost in translation.

The "Problem" or more the interesting Part is following:

A Miracle States that. (p. 27)
A miracle can produce a change in line with the Word. These changes
are usually permanent if they involve a natural process, while impossible transformations usually don’t last more than a day.

What classifies as that? we got a artifice Godbound, and a Earth godbound. Both like to build stuff. A Godbound of Earth...what could he buidl out of earth that dosnt is "impossible" how big could a Godbound of Artifice build before it becomes somethign "impossible"

right now i rule in theory a earhtbound can form earth as a "natural" process and miracle something out of nothing like a fortification.

a Artificer could create with a mriacle in theory something much bigger out of nothing, whatever he wants, but its unnatural if he dosnt have the Mateiral and just uses "soemthing"

what are you "two cents" on this? any ideas. I have some working houserule but i want to hear how other people work with the "limit" of changes of Facts trough miracles and generally the very broad creation powers of artifice.

Im sorry to Repost but i fear my question got drowned in the Comment section of my last Post and i have a Game Tomorrow and am rly uncertain on two very important hings.

First. How does a Mob with Special Abilities works in Combat.
the example in the Book is a Mob of Draugh slaves lead by witch queens. does the Mob "lose" its attack against a player and just uses its special abiltiy instead? or does it get this special abiltys+its attack.

My Players will encounter a Large mob of lesser Misbegotten (some failed eugenic exepriments) and i decided some of them could spic some sort of Acid Webs, web which would do 1d6 Damage Straight and Snare the Hit Person in Place (evasion save to prevent damage and snare)
against my 3 godbound player as a large misbegotten mob they now have 1 action, 1 move and got 2 attacks with claws, and 1 special Ability.

So what can they do in a Round.

Second how does Searing Blade work?
It states that "This gift's damage is always rolled straight against Mobs of lesser foes"

How does it work? a 1 lvl Godbound, against the 2 Hd Large Mob of Misbegotton in the 1. Example, would do 1d10 do i count the 1d6 "explosion2 damage? or do i ignore it, and what woudl be the Case if a 2lvl Godbound woudl use it, 1d10 straight damage?

(sry if ma question sounds dumb but im not a native english speaker and im kinda in a hurry to prepare the rest for our Session)

Hey its me Again!

On Page 152 its mentioned that
Mobs with special powers, such as the innate magical gifts of sorcerous spawn or Mobs with abilities granted by their training, can
use one of these powers each round against any single target.

If i got a Large Mob of Peasents they got 2 attacks. 1 Action, and one or two Mages in ther midst. with a Fire and a Ice Spell.

against 3 Godbounds, they, make the following
2 attacks against every godbound
+1 Ice or Fire Spell against every godbound, but not 2 spells on the Same.

so in theory 3 Fire, spells 1 on each godboudn, or 3 icespells, or everyhtign in between.

is this correct?

2. Question.
Searing Blade States that:
This gift's damage is always rolled straight against Mobs of lesser foes.

The Mob Rules state:
Area-effect powers roll their damage straight against Mobs or roll a
1d6 straight damage die per point of damage done if the power simply
inflicts a flat amount.

Until know i Handled it this Way.
If a Mob is large enough to span over serveral Areas /Like Buildings. an AOE effect who cant hit a significant amount of the Mob dosnt roll Straight Damage. Searing Blade does (trough its Chain Reaciton style AOE) always rolls straight, if the Mob is composed of Lesser Foes.

is That correct or does that mean, that Searing blade only Counts as AOE if the Mob is Lesser and if its not it is a Normal Attack?
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