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The Sad Reality
This whole week I was sent mostly to Planned Parenthood,
however it was all-different. Instead of large amounts of women going in to
seek an abortion, it was a large amount of employees that we hadn’t seen
before. We believe that they were either having mee...

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The Beauty of Diversity in the Mission
This Saturday, we had the opportunity to participate in a
protest outside of Planned Parenthood (PP), on Bleeker Street. It’s the original
PP that Margaret Sanger started as part of her plan to eliminate the African
American population, located, tellingly, ...

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Everything has an impact.. are you paying for abortion?
The past couple days have been a whirlwind of sidewalk counseling
and working in the office. One of the most distinct moments was talking with a
family outside of Choices. The woman was completely unaware that it was an
abortion mill walking in, and was the...

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Yesterday I had a particularly sad encounter outside of
Choices abortion clinic. Two women approached from across the street.
Initially, it was obvious they didn’t know who I was. They were friendly
enough, the mother complaining about how the clinic was ha...

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Leadership lessons from John Maxwell
Our founder Chris Slattery went to 3-Day Live Certification Training Event by a leaderhip master John Maxwell. The event took place in Florida and myself with couple of other interns joined Chris on the road trip that included stopping at great historical p...

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...But that should sound familiar to Christians
One of the things about living in NYC is you spend a lot of
time in the subway- which is both a blessing and a curse. I don’t think I have
to explain why public transportation- complete with crowds, delays and automated
voices- can be a curse. But it’s also...

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The Beauty of The Communion of Saints
Summer is slowly coming to an end and with it our time here
in New York. I want to share with you all the beauty of community life in this
internship. As you may all know we are all interns from different parts of the
world. This summer we come together fro...

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Made and aborted in Manhattan (?)
I've become aware of three cases from this past week alone, where girls and women are being coerced to abort their babies. It is a big issue. As well as being morally wrong, it is illegal. One such case is that of "Rachida" and "Ibrahim" from Turkey. They m...

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An abundance of life
I’m constantly reminded how little time I have left in NYC,
despite feeling like I just arrived. I have been extremely blessed with this
opportunity to work on the frontlines of the pro-life mission. When I head back
to Wisconsin, I will probably not be spe...

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The Pain of Post-Abortion
This entire week I have been sent to the Brooklyn office,
and I have to say it was the hardest week of all my time here. All this week I
saw clients that were challenging. Most of them had had an abortion before;
they were older women who had a stable job- ...
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