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Want to give aquaponics a try, but don't want to build a system yourself? The guys at Back to the Roots may soon have you covered...
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I dunno, this design looks to be flawed. The tank is too small to support more than fish. The "grow bed" is also too short (no where for the roots to go). 

You might be able to grow some herbs in this, and it might be good as a novelty fish bowl that could get people excited about growing their food, but unlike their mushrooms, this isn't practical. 
Sure. It's too bad because I like these guys. I love how they've built a business on recycling coffee grounds to grow food. 
I would, but I don't do facebook. You are more than welcome to post my comment there if you are so inclined. 

In the video, they said they met "with experts" so I'm not sure they'd be willing to listen to some random guy who bashes their design. 
Hey Jeff, thx for sharing. Amazing project, we just made a small "startup" contribution :)
Cheers, Tudor
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