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I shall build one in the Spring. Too bad they are so far away or I would go to the workshop...
I want to build one on my next property. I am trying to find a bit more land right now. 
At my current place I had to replace the chimney (old brick) and built a BBQ out of the old stones. Works like a charm and after the meat is cooked it doubles up into a firepit by simply removing the coal bed and dropping the ambers below. 
Jaime Oliver uses one and actually sells the complete unit as a kit form and that was where I got the idea. I still need details on whether I need refractory brick, cement, etc. but it is a project I want to do. I live in the forest so I have lots of wood and the thought of a pizza or roast is wonderful.
Thanks, Jeff. I shall learn from your link. I have seen small ones built at campsites in 3 days and though perfect for small items, I wanted something big enough for a roast.
Cob all the way. Cement will crack under the heat. 
We plastered a cob oven this summer and let it dry to fast. It started to crack open on the plaster. So I can advise to use wet towels or rags to cover the fresh cob with to let it dry slowly. 
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