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Even Santa could work on cutting his carbon footprint... here are some suggestions in time for Christmas this year.
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Increasing carbon footprint is good for plants! which is eco friendly!
There are over thirty thousands scientists who refute that. You get a nice increased growth in the plants until you have enough carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to trap enough heat to start seeing a certain number of 100 degree days -- wicks moisture out of the soil and stops plant growth. five more degrees of warming and billions die, along with most of their food plants.
It is unlikely and few believe we will get a runnaway feedback loop that would cause that...
Much of the dire predictions are based on models; yep our models for climate are useless after about a week, because the climate is choatic... 
The observations have shown these models are not predicting accurately, for the last decade or so.. 
Anyway science is not about belief, religion is, you can check the data yourself in science.
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