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One Year Ago
It's sometimes hard to believe that one year ago today, I had open heart surgery. I had a quadruple bypass. My chest was cut open and surgeons and nurses worked on my heart. My surgeon held my heart in his hands. It's still surreal and a bit mind boggling. ...

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My Marauder Crew
Just a photo dump of my current Marauder crew. Major Bludd - because Hasbro hasn't gotten him right yet. One of Major Bludd's top team members. Bludd Hounds? Bludd Hound #2. I finally found a use for the "Ripcord" head sculpt from RoC. One of my first Marau...

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Collector's Club Cobra Officers
When did the Club release these figures? Last year? I think so. They looked cool at the time, but I put off buying any - until I made plans to go to JoeCon 2017. These lethal ladies were available at the club store, so I added them to my order of Convention...

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Big Lob - Collector's Club Figure 2017
Big Lob makes his move! In the Club Store at JoeCon 2017, there was also a supply of carded Big lob figures that quickly sold out before I even made it through the line! No worries, I knew I had my Club figure arriving in the mail soon enough. Well, he didn...

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Battleforce 2000 Display
Back at home and on display! It didn't take me too long to get these guys out of the box and on display! Lower shelves are of nearly all of my various FSS figures. Limited display space right now but I'll take what I can get. One day, I'll have a "Joe Room"...

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Battleforce 2000 Cobra Forces
Time for a look at the Cobra side of the 2017 Convention set! I'll start off with the bagged set of three Laser Vipers. These were sold as add-ons to the set at the Club store. Sadly, they were limited to one set per attendee package. I think even the Golde...

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Battleforce 2000 review
Time for a closer look at the "Force of Battle 2000" GI Joe 2017 Convention set! I'm pretty sure that I've stated in the past that I'm a fan of the original Battle Force 2000 from 1987. The introduction in the comics was innovative. I've always liked the co...

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JoeCon 2017 Collectors Club Panel
The Club's panel always seems to be the highlight of the convention. Highlights are given, secrets are revealed. I settled in for a long session of panels on Saturday, starting with the Kindle Worlds panel, moving through Kirk's two panels, and finally the ...

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JoeCon 2017 - Kirk Bozigian
Kirk Bozigian has been one of my cultural heroes for quite a few years. He worked for Hasbro back in the early days of the Real American Hero line. He was instrumental in getting GI Joe back at retail after the few years of absence after the Super Joe years...

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JoeCon 2017 Customs Part 02
Probably the most complex diorama that I have ever seen for these scale figures. The guys at Joelanta usually have a massive display, but it uses 1/6th scale figures, so it definitely tends to be a lot bigger. I don't recall who made this diorama and I beli...
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