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Presenting Berlin by Mitch Epstein
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damn epstein. whenever i look at one of his books, half of me wants to go out and make photographs, half of me thinks 'why do i bother?'.

thanks for showing this anyway....
I know, right?! Interesting, though, I was just in Berlin, and issues of access aside I don't think I would have taken photos at those places (in fact, I did take photos, and not at those locations).
I had to add American Power to my Amazon wish list after visiting his site. Thanks +Jörg Colberg for sharing his work.
That site is great. Thanks again!

Edit: it's flashy, but I'm finding it tedious to navigate.
Interesting choices of places even if you live in Berlin like myself, great book!
It looks like a fascinating book. The website seems interesting as well, although I don't understand people who design websites like this in Flash. The navigation doesn't even work on my system.
Thanks for this wonderful walkthrough. Looks like a fantastic book. Very interesting collection of images.
Thanks for sharing so many nice books! Congratulations!
Just acquired a copy and regretfully, I have not finished my review of American Power yet. sigh.