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Presenting One Mississippi (One Picture Book) by Alec Soth
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I love this series you are doing. Itthas introduced me to a many books I didn't otherwise know about but I really wish you'd lock down the white balance on your camera so the colors don't continuously shift depending on what is in the frame..
It's a Flip Mino camera - this is as good as it gets.
Just to let you know, I very much enjoy these presentations and find them very effective. There are technological limitations, of course, but the value of the presentation certainly outweighs any deficit of technology. Thanks for doing these.
If someone watches this and has a spare Canon 5D MkII to give away I'll be happy to provide my address.
^ What they said. And I kind of enjoy the effects of those technological "limitations," actually -- there's a certain 'evesdropping' quality to the presentation that I find surprisingly charming.

I also really want this book.