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Presenting Naked City by Weegee
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Funny, I thought more people would be interested in this.
I love Weegee. I remember when I first found out that he had set up some of these photos (around 1980). I was depressed for weeks.
Also I think your next move should be a late night talk show.
Gentlemen, I'm not so sure about the late-night talk show idea...
James, I suppose there is a lot to be added to the whole Weegee debate. What struck me is how the book works, how it's laid out etc.
Weegee was a man who was all about his time and place. It seemed, that no matter the death and depravity he witnessed, he never lost his sense of humor or his affection for the common man. I find his editorializing about the rich to be rather endearing. He was there, and this is what he saw, and I'm glad he made those photos.
Yeah, he wasn't afraid to have an opinion. Refreshing to see. You might agree or not, but at least you got something to rub against.