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Presenting Meat Cook Book (1959/69) - a visual, albeit not necessarily culinary feast: Looking at the "same" cook book in its 1959 and 1969 incarnation. Meat typologies (in b/w and colour) and more!
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I think my mother has a book like this. I was always amazed to page through it.
If my italian grandma would have seen this presentation, she would complain the seemingly not so well-fed Mister Colberg!
I love these posts. It reminds me of being home with my Mom, diligently reading cook books for new ideas.My Mom was an excellent cook, but also very adventurous. :)
Brilliant, i do love a good sausage topology. I collect non-fiction books for a similar kind of material and post them here
I find it's quite difficult to pick up some really interesting cooking books in the charity shops. A couple of crackers here!
Yeah, it's not so easy to find really good stuff. Love your site!