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A new presentation of a photobook: Please Buy My New Song by Jindrich Marco
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Fantastic, really love this Jorg : )
Love what you're doing w these book presentations, am tempted to do some of my own. This one in particular made me think immediately of Sebald's "On the Natural History of Destruction", especially as you're both addressing the lack of a German acknowledgement even to their own cities' destruction.
The premise of Sebald's book is flawed actually - as it turns out there WAS a lot of German literature about the destruction of German cities - but if you look at photography only, then it applies very well.

I'd love for you to present books just like this (or in whatever other way you can think of)! My general idea behind doing these presentations was that seeing the book this way is a bit nicer than seeing spreads. Or maybe it's just different. But I think you get a better idea of the book, how it moves etc. So make some!
Yeah, there's a book about the photography in Israel, isn't there? I remember seeing it on Google, but I haven't bought it. Do you have it?
Didn't know that about Sebald's thesis, oh well. How are you doing these, btw, without the shaky camera and seemingly right where a person's head might be?
It's all incredibly low-budget. The book is lying on the floor. I use a Flip Mino on a tripod and set it up so that the book is in the frame (obviously) while the tripod's feet are outside (I think in one movie I screwed that up). Then, I crouch down behind the tripod/Flip, with my arms/hands being left and right of the tripod (so the camera actually is where my head would be). There are better ways of doing this (using a better camera and a rig), but this methods works reasonably well.
I don't own the Israel book, had never heard of Marco before, but I'll keep an eye out for that one too.