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Presenting my favourite photobook, The Map by Kikuji Kawada
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The foldouts work a treat here.Curious about some of the objects, what's that at 4.22 minutes in for example?
The foldouts are a simple device, but they mean that the work is presented in 2 or 3 different aspect ratios, that work on one page might have different juxtapositions with different pictures, and it emphasises the thing-ness of the book as an object to be touched and manipulated rather than just looked at. I think the full-bleed printing does this too, it makes less of a separation between the images and the world. So there's a strong sense of complexity within the apparent simplicity of the design.

'The Map'? I wonder what's in that title.

The photos remind me of the high-contrast feel of Daido Moriyama images and the attention to surfaces of Aaron Siskind, but unlike Siskind it's not just abstract, there's a real reference to real history in here. And thinking of the history, it's not just the fact that what's being depicted are surfaces that have been affected by the war, the photographs and documents seen here do this too.

A beautiful and sombre book.
I just got one! This is such a beautiful book! Thank you for posting video