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Yet another photobook presentation, this time contemporary photography, a new book by Albrecht Tübke
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This is a great way to present a photobook, i hope you can make this a regular feature.
There are two other ones so far, Mario, and if there's enough interest there'll be many more I think.
Just as a general comment, at the end of the video there's a link to a page where you can get the book for 10 Euros - get your copy while it lasts ("it" here meaning the book, not the Euro [at least not quite yet]).
Wonderful presentation of an interesting book. Just ordered myself a copy!
Thank you for these presentations, I've been enjoying them. does something similar but unfortunately without the commentaries. Thinking this format could complement the more in-depth book review on your blog.
A little fix in the video: The photographs were in fact taken in the late 1990s (I had mis-read the date given in the book).
Last year - you can order it via, there's a link in the video.