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Presenting A Head With Wings by Anouk Kruithof. Having the Flip Mino way above my head I couldn't actually see whether what I was doing ended up in the frame. Much to my surprise it did. Added bonus: If you listen carefully, you can hear one of my cats meow in the background.

Regardless, I'm mentioning this in my little presentation that a smart presentation often risks being too smart. I don't know whether that's the case here, but I could imagine that some of the elaborate fold-out pages might be a tad too unwieldy for some people. Thoughts?
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It felt at first that the foldout sections were a bit forced, that because the folded-up picture was stuck in, that the resulting paper was a bit heavy and dangly, that it didn't seem an organic part of the book, in the way that foldout pages bound into a book are.

Then as you went on, I began to enjoy how the images fitted into the foldouts quite cleverly. The image of the white man with the African men behind him reveals more and more with each fold out. And the two-way colour foldout with the man looking at himself in two (or is it four?) different ways is clever too.

I guess having the pages stuck on rather than bound in allows for this kind of variety. What it does is force the reader to take time to work through the folding/unfolding; this brings a hint of effort into the journey, which might be a bit like the journey that our protagonist is on. I'm still trying to decide if this makes me feel disconnected from the images themselves, or if it makes me more empathetic to the character.