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Don Hans
Fan of oldschool miniatures, especially Citadel and Asgard.
Fan of oldschool miniatures, especially Citadel and Asgard.


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Four Year Blog Anniversary - Nurgle Army Time!
On the day four years ago I started this blog. I had no idea what this would lead to. Quite early on though a Nurgle project took shape starting with creating a warband which then evolved into an army. This has since then been my main focus. So to celebrate...

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Nurgle Army Update: Nurgle Plague Cart
A Nurgle Plague Cart added to the army. The model can be used with both undead and nurgle armies. As this is a nurgle one I added a face to the otherwise faceless sculpt. Added a chaos familiar and a nurgling to the base as well. Working on the Chaos Dwarf ...

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Nurgle Army Update: Nurgle Palanquin
Painted myself a Citadel Nurgle Palanquin. My first try at this one was back in the days when you could actually buy one in a store. Never finished that one so it feels fantastic to have after this many years completed one! :) I have three different ones bu...

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Nurgle Army Update: Citadel Minotaur Lord
In a bit of a painting spree at the moment :) So here's the next addition to my Nurgle army. A Citadel Minotaur Lord. The base includes a Tick from the Citadel C29 Creepy Crawlies series and a Nurgling. Adding a second little creature to the base is somethi...

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Nurgle Army Update: Citadel Chaos Chariot
Well - another one added to the army. A Citadel Citadel Chaos Chariot. It's not the original horses and some bits that should be attached to the chariot is missing. Pleased with the result but painting plastic horses is seriously boring. That's all /Hans Ci...

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Nurgle Army Update: Some new stuff
Hello again! Two new miniatures and one new shield. First out is the Citadel Weird Fantasy WF16 Midlands Troll. Its one of the few caricatures of Bryan Ansell created in the mid 1980s. The underside of the base on this one says "Wereansell". On the base I a...

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Nurgle Army Update: Citadel C34 Chaos Demon
A new update to my Nurgle Army. A chaos demon from the Citadel C34 series released around 1985. I'm not sure but I think this one is a bit rare. One rare thing for sure is the female look which you hardly see on old Citadel creatures. Went for a very colorf...

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Citadel Adventurers Starter Set #5: Completed!
Finally completed the Citadel Adventurers Starter Set. Built myself a scenic base for the set as well. The idea is the entrance into a dungeon. Quite suitable for a set of adventurers I think. All the miniature paint jobs are based on the artwork on the box...

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40k Nurgle Flying Techno Demon
Finished building the latest addition to my little 40k Nurgle Warband. Calling it a Flying Techno Demon. The base is a space marine terminator torso with an Chaos epic head and a whip weapon as tail (see pic below). Used an old jump pack as the source for t...

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Rogue Trader Imperium Force #3: Exorcists Chapter - Tech Space Marine
Next addition is a Tech Marine. The backpack is a fusion of a 90s backpack and some later Adeptus Mechanicus bit. Never understood why the tech marines have a hand shoulder pad. Anyone knows why? Thanks! /Hans Exorcists Chapter - Rogue Trader Tech Space Mar...
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