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First Retail, Inc.
First Retail will help you revolutionize your Retail eCommerce experience - soup to nuts
First Retail will help you revolutionize your Retail eCommerce experience - soup to nuts


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Omni-Channel retailing seems to be all the rage these days - aligning assortment, centralizing inventory and providing a seamless customer experience. This blog post highlights a number of interesting startups that are innovating beyond the current Omni-channel paradigms.

If you have any more interesting sites, I would love to know...

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The Web is the Market

(Semantic Technology & Business Conference presented by and WebMediaBrands. - May 2012)

As consumers and businesses, we are rushing to adopt the new forms of retailing that is enabled by a more social web. Shopping tasks are mainly performed in structured retail environments such as online stores, via offer coupons and in online marketplaces. Yet decisions are now influenced in unstructured social media environments. At what point will the two merge and consumers will be able to actually purchase via a tweet, a Facebook 'Want' button or a Pinterest post?
First Retail's new tagline, The Web is the Market, supports this vision. It requires a whole new e-commerce infrastructure, one that takes unstructured requests and maps them to structured catalogs. This is Semantic Retail.

Hi - this is First Retail - we are a start-up based in California, working on making products more findable - helping retailers with large catalogs, cost effectively make those long tail products more findable, not only by Google and Bing, but by all of the new applications that people are using to navigate the online and the real world. We will be launching some new technologies very soon and making them openly available via APIs. Looking forward to some exciting conversations with you.
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