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When will they learn that they are only helping the bad guys.Have some faith in people and legalize the damn drugs.
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Samuel Kazee

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yes of course... at Knowing Jesus we beleive in t literal, historical grammatical interpretation of Scrpture - in context... 
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Samuel Kazee

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211 days to Episode VII.
Maybe it will be half as fun as Mad Max FR...
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Samuel Kazee

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ISIS takes Ramadi from Iraq
Can Iran succeed against ISIS in Iraq & Syria?
What is US strategy?

Veterans's perspective on Ramadi loss

al Qaeda takes Idlib in Syria

ISIS financial officer, wife, slave, data seized in Syria by US Army Delta Force

ISIS finances, fluid, adequate, fighter centric

Yemen heavy airstrikes by GCC

ISIS expanding in Libya

Boko Haram rapes and kills hundreds and thousands

Pakistan-Afghanistan Intel supposedly now co-operating

Jordan top officials forced out

Benghazi committee subpoenas Clinton aid Blumenthal

US $1.9 billion munitions sale to Israel

India licensed 200 light helos from Russia

Georgia warns about Russia

USN research to counter UUVs

CICADA mini-UAV swarm in development

Global Observer program 'persists'

LRS-B (B-3?)contract will be awarded soon

Marco Rubio's military analysis incomplete

Rand Paul hopes on opposition to Patriot Act
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These photos are great. Lot has changed since I was serving back in the 'nam era; better weapons.  
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Samuel Kazee

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2 hours of frantic violence and bass frequency noise with just enough of an attempt at transcendent truth and righteousness to be entertaining, not gross. 
I loved this movie! The hope and redemption motif, contrasts the survival and revenge, unrelenting chase portrayed so well by the almost non-verbal Tom Hardy and fiercely determined Charlize Theron. This is the 4th Mad Max movie by George Miller since 1979.

Supporting characters at one point exchange these statements: 
What are you doing?
Who are you praying to? 
Anyone who is listening. 

Incorrect, according to the Bible, God is all knowing and all powerful, infinite, creative and moral beyond human comprehension. 
John 9 31 says: God does not hear the prayers of sinners, but if any man is a worshipper of God and does his will, He will hear him. 

Intractable unbelief, the knowing willful rejection of Jesus, and his sacrifice as God, is the only unforgivable sin. 

Hope and redemption are defined for humanity by the essence of God in human form, Jesus Christ. 
Nothing else can logically compare; the truth of this is revealed by God alone. It is moral, not intellectual. His truth is imminent and eternal; it is personal and it is universal. It is To God we pray, in the name of Jesus Christ, in the power of the Holy Spirit, as Christians.  
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Not so much.
There's really alot of death but is quite never shown directly.
As you can see on the trailers.

Dont' miss it: it's a very entertaining and really well made film.
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Samuel Kazee

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Samuel Kazee

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The sexual revolution (c.1970) promotes the idea that a moral society should separate sex from procreation and both from marriage. The resulting Progressive genderless agenda is a family theory of buying and selling babies. Gender neutral parenting cheapens or commercializes human life, like abortion and assisted suicide. 

The core assumption is that God does not define sex, marriage, and everything else -reality and sex have no intrinsic meaning. (Nihilism, atheism vs. morality, truth, life, death, eternity and so forth.) 

Propaganda & indoctrination are needed to sustain culture and government to pursue untrue things. The sexual revolution is a well advertised fantasy ideology, like socialism, communism and so-called religious systems, that must be forced. The deceit gives power to authority over people's careers, schools and thoughts.   

Sex without consequences is a predatory lie. 
Natural family safe guards protect the most powerless, the children. 

Technology is deceiving. Bruce Jenner has been in the national news lately, thinking himself disconcerted as a man, an Olympic athlete, and choosing to live as a woman. There is no such thing as a sex change, but feminized men and masculinized women. 

Mac Brunson recently said Johns Hopkins no longer performs the so-called sex change operation because the psychologically dysfunction persists in patients. And I would suggest them also mutilated and/or hormone dependent for life, the result of dysfunctional philosophy. 

We are all disconcerted from the world system and our selves by sin and only Jesus is the answer to the power of God. Philosophies are directly opposed to the truth that we are created by God with love. 
And that all people have essential worth. Parents choose to create in love also and live in that truth, or reject it. 

"Chrisitanity offers a world view based on love, not power"

-most of the above paraphrasing John Stonestreet

& Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse

Victims of the Sexual Revolution:
Children of Divorced Parents
Children of Unmarried Parents
Reluctantly Divorced Man or Woman
Reluctantly Single Parent
Childless career-minded people
Donor Conceived person
Porn addicted peron & their family
Post-abortive person
Gay Lifestyle refugee
Hook-up culture refugee
Cohabiter with Regrets
People with health consequences.
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+Samuel Kazee But that is a link from the same side isn't it? Do you have a webpage where those who support the "sexual revolution" actually says these things? 

Also does anybody really think that before the "sexual revolution" family life was rolling with puppies?
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Samuel Kazee

• Education  - 
"Look for another generation of education failure in Baltimore, and more riots down the road."
Do you support Charter schools? And government teacher unions?
Progressives and unions gut a charter-school reform in Baltimore, the Wall Street Journal writes in an editorial.
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