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So here is the situation. I have an 11 year old son (almost 12) who desperately wants to start playing D&D regularly but has had no luck finding other kids at his school who play. Finding adults who play is possible via Meetup but how the heck does one find other kids in the local area who want to play. There are a lot of middle schools in our area so I'm sure there are kids who play that just don't attend the same school. One additional problem... there really isn't a FLGS near us. The closest one is about 45 minutes away.

For anyone who has run the game I'm curious as to how you plan out adventures. GoT/ASOIAF don't seem to lend itself to the traditional "kill some monsters and take their loot" or dungeon crawls. That said I've learned from hard experience with other games that if you try to go with a heavy plot either you run the risk of railroading the whole thing for the benefit of telling your story or the players completely miss what you were trying to do.
It seems to me the best option is to go "mission oriented". Have someone of superior status task them with going someplace and accomplishing something and then throw a twist once they get there. Maybe use that to at least get the campaign going until the players adopt a more proactive and less reactive role in the story.


While online tools like roll20 and Fantasy Grounds are great and all playing online with strangers is more like subsisting rather than a feast. Unfortunately there really aren't any nearby FLGS's that aren't 45-60 minutes away. I figured I'd pose a question to this community.

Q: What are the best online resources for finding new Face-to-Face games/players?

A couple issues so far....
1) No weapons on the NOMAD. Tell me again how this is an improvement over the MAKO?
2) Really wish Bioware had gone with the overheating weapons mechanic from ME1 instead of using ammo boxes. Explain to me why there is ammo for my human-made ballistic weaponry inside the unexplored alien ruins on Eos?

Diseases annoy the hell out of me. Seems like you set one foot outside of Whiterun and you get a disease. Doing a little googling I see there are mods to make the disease system more realistic but I would love to just disable diseases altogether. Can anyone point me at a mod (for XB1 and/or PC) or a console command that can disable diseases?

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Just picked up DCCRPG last weekend and as a child of the early 70's I'm really liking what I'm seeing. I find the Zocci dice interesting but I'm wondering how often they actually come into play?

I created this little vbScript that will randomly generate a number in a range and figure I can use it to simulate a Zocci die until I can determine if I actually need a physical set. Feel free to use it if you like... it'll run on any Windows machine. Just open up Notepad and type in exactly what I've shown and save it as a .vbs file on your desktop. Double click it and away you go.


Ran into a real problem with Roll20 this weekend.

About half-way through the game we experienced an audio problem in the VOIP where the DM and one other player (Player A) could hear and talk to everyone. Player B could hear and speak to the DM and Player A.
Player C could hear and speak to the DM and Player A.
Player B and Player C could NOT hear and speak to each other.

Anyone else have a problem like this? Nothing we did fixed the problem. We tried reconnects, reboots, EVERYTHING!

Next game we will be using Mumble, Discord, or some kind of third-party VOIP solution. In my experience Roll20 has never been rock solid with their VOIP component which is a shame because IMHO it is pretty much essential to the game experience. Having that integrated VOIP is the main reason I use Roll20 instead of going to Fantasy Grounds.

I am so frustrated. Woke up this morning and had two eggs and a couple of sausage patties for breakfast (no carbs). On the way home from church I picked up a coffee with half-and-half and Splenda. Once I got home I checked my blood sugar and it was 131.
WTF??? I haven't had a single friggin' carb since dinner last night and even then it was maybe a tablespoon of mac & cheese along with my baked fish that had breadcrumbs on top and a salad. I figured I'd have a blood sugar right around 100.
I know that I'm one of those people who wake up to a high blood sugar so I'm thinking that maybe I'm sabotaging myself by going too low carb. Evidently when blood sugar gets too low my liver will release a shot of glucose to raise my blood sugar which is why I have the morning high readings even if I haven't eaten anything in 10 hours.
Anyone else have this issue? 

Anyone have a problem with PE Realms where when you try to connect you either get "Disconnected from Server" or "Unable to connect: Out of Date Client"? I've confirmed that my client is the most recent release so I'm not sure what else to try. I put a ticket in with Mojang and after 3 days I get an email saying to update my client... they totally ignored the part where I told them I confirmed I was running the latest client. So now I'm on ticket number 2.

Anything I can do from my end? I'm pissed that I'm spending money on a Realm I can't access and with the customer service I'm getting I'm not optimistic that I'll get that money back if they can't fix it.

I haven't had the chance to actually play yet... my group is mostly 40+ year olds and life tends to get in our way. That said, we are prepping to play and I'm planning on playing a Cleric. I'm curious though about spellcasting as it relates to the different types of actions. I have a question I'd like to see if I can get a definitive answer for.
Q: Since Sanctuary is a Bonus Action spell can I, in a single turn, cast Sanctuary on myself and then cast Bless for the benefit of the party?
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