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Dan King
A blogger with a mission.
A blogger with a mission.

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A simple strategy can help you design a website for great search engine ranking.

#seo #websitedesign #smallbiz

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New #bloggingtips over at +Fistbump Media, LLC​...
Understanding Blog Analytics (or, how to get #allthefeels with your blog)

"Having at least a baseline understanding of these blog analytics can help you build a strong strategy (and design) for your blog. Don’t build someone else’s website. That strategy can leave you frustrated. Build yours on a foundation that gets you results (and #allthefeels)."

#bloggingtips #bloganalytics #amwriting #googleanalytics

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Don’t Wait for Storm Damage: Get the Wheels of Roof Repair in Motion Now

Here, as well as in many other areas across the United States, we’re seeing a surge in the number of insurance providers refusing to pay out on roof repair claims. After all, they’re in business to make money, not share it. In an effort to increase their own bottom lines, coverage providers are insisting policyholders’ roof damage was in place long before the most recent storm hit. In a number of cases, they’re getting away with it, too.

#srq #sarasota #roofrepair #roofingcontractor #sarasotaroofer #TSColin

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did you know that you can point any domain name to any web page? people are using them in all kinds of creative ways, especially with the huge variety of not-com domain names now available...
With personal domain names, you can direct any domain name you want to any web page you want. Get get and point it to your Facebook profile, or and point it to your LinkedIn profile. Build and control your brand identity online.


#domainname #personaldomainname #marketing #branding #onlinemarketing

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I do all of these things with EVERY blog post...
4 Things to Do with Every Blog Post for Social Media Exposure


Most people believe that increasing social media exposure is all about getting more followers.That’s not entirely true. Certainly, building your own social media following is important, but consider this question…

Which is easier? Adding 5,000 followers, or getting 10 who have 500 followers to share your work?

I regularly tell clients that it’s more important to enable and get other people to share your content than it is to build a massive following yourself. In fact, your social media following will inevitably grow if you are effectively getting other people to share your stuff.

#bloggingtips #contentmarketing #amwriting

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BENEFIT #1: Access to a private group moderated by Fistbump Media’s team of experts in blogging, graphic design, and social media.

#blogging   #amwriting   #bloggingtips  

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"Facebook is about people. Success there relies on connecting your content with the right people."

Connecting Well with Facebook Audience Optimization
via the +Fistbump Media, LLC blog

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"Fistbump Media University is a wealth of knowledge, and a resource that every blogger will benefit from. I can't recommend it highly enough. The first month alone opened my eyes to so many components of blogging I had no clue about, and I've been blogging for four years! If you're looking for personal, hands-on support and a welcoming environment to learn and ask questions, you've found your match!"

- Kate Motaung, +Fistbump Media, LLC University member

#blogger   #blogging   #bloggingtips   #amwriting  

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We are beyond excited to be partnering with Church of Motion and Selah Freedom this year for a special Christmas project to bless a group of women survivors of sex trafficking. In this webcast, we talked with Pastor David Gibson of Church of Motion and Vanessa Morris of Selah Freedom about the heart behind this project, and why it's SO important.

If you'd like to join us in making this the ‪#‎BestChristmasEver‬ for these women, then learn how you can do that here:

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If I’m being completely honest, while Elf on the Shelf is always fun for the kids, it has gotten pretty boring for me. Until last year, when I decided to have a little fun with it… BibleDude style.

#elfontheshelf   #christmas   #christmas2015   #christmasdecor   #bible  
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