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The land of the free... and the intolerant. Augusta schools were closed because a teacher had an Islamic quote in a lesson on calligraphy. Some parents were concerned that the kids were being indoctrinated about Islam.I have three words for it. Ridiculous, ridiculous and ridiculous. It is a lesson in calligraphy. And how the hell does it matter that it is from Islam. All we are doing is teaching our kids that we can be intolerant towards other people, cultures and religions. This is the direct result of intolerant rhetoric that has been going around. It is the silent majority who support tolerance against the vocal intolerant minority. It is time to show some anger and provide a voice. Fight against this people. It is only going to get worse if we are silent. Spread the word.
Augusta County schools will be closed today, Friday, December 18th. Augusta County Schools published this statement to their web site regarding the closure
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We(me and my wife) took our new puppy here after we got him for a couple of days. He is our first puppy. So we were very nervous and had lots of questions. We were doing a pre-vaccine checkup after we got him from the breeder. Even when we were calling them up they did make a suggestion that we could just bring him when he was due for his vaccine unless we wanted. I insisted that we wanted to get him there. We are glad we did. We were first met with a technician who explained all the vaccines he is due for and was very helpful and later by the doctor who was equally helpful. Both answered our questions really well. The only reason I am not giving excellent right now is because this is our first visit and do not know how our opinion will change over time. Another reviewer here does say they do not have the latest equipment but I am not experienced and I would not know about that.
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