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Mind Maps- My New Research Log
Recently I worked on several projects where I used mind maps to help determine relationships and possible further research. I soon realized that while I was mapping I was recreating my research log in a way that made it easy for me to see what I was thinkin...

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Probate Gold- The Children and some Grandchildren of Jonathan Randell and his Two Wives
My last post about the Bennem family was a good example of
why we should look beyond just wills for our direct ancestors. My next two will
be about why we should look beyond our direct line for those siblings in the
wills and probate records.  Edmund L. (po...

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An Update on the John Bennem Conundrum- The Probate of Catharine Bennem
I had previously posted about the confusion as to the
identities of several John Bennems which can be read here. Since then I have
found further proof that John Bennem, husband of Catharine Cornell, indeed was
alive past his previously thought 1836 death da...

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Who was the father of Elisabeth Krebs?
Consulting vital and census records in the Bas-Rhin region for
any mention of Elisabeth Krebs’ father brought two possible results. This is an evaluation of the records
mentioning Elisabeth and her possible parentage. November 1830 in Tieffenbach, Bas-Rhin,...

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Western Pennsylvania Landowners Map- 1777
Just a quick post to inform about a resource I just discovered. If you have western Pennsylvania land owners in 1777 you have to check out this site. I have been trying to map the location of some deeds for my Philadelphia research on Johan Martin Rau/Rauh/...

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Ode to an Italian marriage record.
I can’t say it enough. I love, love, LOVE Italian genealogy.
Every time I get that new microfilm of records I thank anyone who will listen
that my maternal grandmother’s maiden name is Primavera. When a marriage packet
gets you not 1 or 2 generations but fo...

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I'm late getting this out but couldn't resist. The photo is awful but it's the best I could do last minute with a "fluey" brain.

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Share a Memory- The Drawing on the Wall
I am late for this but I wanted to post something. Work and illness have made it impossible to get anything together before now. I can't make it to Rootstech so don't worry about including me in a drawing. It's enough to enable me to sit here and tell the s...
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