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Google's Chromebook Pixel: An even worse idea than Windows 8
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Vlad Z.
I actually think it's a brilliant device, however, I fully understand your position.

Please take heart in knowing that you are not the target audience (and for that matter, neither am I).

With the increased popularity and "coolness" of Android devices (going as far as apple products being labeled as for 'squares' in certain social circles, especially here in NYC), the pixel gives to trendy, rich Google fans what Apple has been giving its fans for years: an overhyped, overpriced piece of technological art.

It's not about business productivity. It's about giving young, hip content creators who prefer Google over Apple a flashy easel to work on.

I'm not so much defending the product, as I am putting it into perspective. It is a niche product which as long as it performs as well as advertised, has no choice but to succeed. 

P.S. I'm not sure how familiar you are with Chrome OS or Chromebooks in general, but all Google web apps have been usable offline since several Chrome OS versions ago. Most 3rd party apps are following suit, so while Chromebooks really shine with an internet connection, they are absolutely usable without one as well. 
It would be the worst idea if it was the idea you are thinking of, but you have the wrong idea. After reading your article I think you miss the whole point of this incredible, revolutionary new way of doing things. This is not just a Chromebook and it is certainly not a browser with a high price tag by any means.
am a chromebook fan,using it successfully-but price -wise pixel is on a higherside with $1300 tag,worth or not?
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